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Chapter 18 One Chance

  • I gasped as his lips trailed down my back, his hand still fastened around me. He groaned primally and whipped me about. We stared at each other’s lusty darkened eyes for a while, before he growled like a panther and slammed his lips down on mine. I moaned and bucked into him. I reached out and held his neck as I tasted his sweetness. He pushed his tongue down my throat and kept making animal sounds.
  • I wanted more of him. Skin to skin. I hated the barriers between us. I hated that we were still wasting time. I could feel something sticky drop down my legs.
  • I was damn wet. Caleb never came close to making me feel this way.
  • Our lips were moving in a tug of war. He grabbed me around the waist to hoist me to his waist. My legs instinctively went around his waist for support. He walked to the wall and slammed me against it. Our lips were still entangled. I couldn't believe the variety of sound that was coming from me.
  • He grabbed at my boobs and molded them. I cursed at the amount of pleasure he was giving me and jerked my chest forward to encourage him. His lips trailed down my neck as he moved me from the wall to the counter where he placed me on top and pulled away to pull the top over my head in a frenzy.
  • I reached out to pull his Rackers vest above his head in return. I wanted to feel every inch of him without the stupid coverage. I wanted to feel his cock inside of me. I looked down to see how it was sticking out from his joggers already in full erection. What is happening to me? I am losing my mind. Before I could act on my thought. He bent forward and captured my lips again in a searing kiss. I was reeling from the kiss when he pull out again and my bra fell off with him. How? My eyes widened becoming conscious of my naked state.
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