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Chapter 17 In the master's clasp

  • The part of my neck that was closer to his face tingled and I sucked in a labored breath. Why do I have to react to his closeness this way all the time? I unconsciously bit down on my lower lip and leaned back at him my eyes looking at Luke who was so immersed in what he was doing that he wasn't paying us any attention.
  • "Do you like what my hand is doing to you?" he asked, his voice becoming husky.
  • I didn't respond just stood as though hypnotized by him. This is wrong. I'm not supposed to be doing this and definitely not in front of Luke. I lurched out of his grasp and diver into the pool swimming very fast away from him before he catches up with me. I moved towards Luke and without caring anymore, I climbed out of the pool with Luke who was already turning white from cold.
  • I stole a look at my boss who stood at the point I left him, his eyes pinned to me like a hawk with no hint of a smile in them. If he think he would use me like a pornstar, that was totally unacceptable to me. Not in front of the poor child who has morals to inculcate.
  • I averted my gaze and walked toward the pool chaise lounge. I walked faster towards the towel which I wrapped around Luke and cleaned his body very fast before wrapping it around my body and dragging him toward the door.
  • When we entered the house, I went straight to Luke's room to dress him up. By the time I finished, he pulled the bed covers over himself snuggling into the pillows.
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