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Gray’s Siren

Gray’s Siren


Update: 2022-07-05

Chapter 1 Prologue

  • Prologue
  • Cassidy
  • “It’s time bro! Hurry up let's get you to church before your mother comes barging in here!” rang Randy’s voice my best friend and best man, coming to tap me on the shoulders with excitement. I returned the smile taking a final look at myself in the mirror.
  • “You look good, buddy...Sophia will tumble over herself today once she sees you” he chipped in, trying to straighten my necktie. I looked at him and chuckled lightly.
  • “It’s all your doing, man. Thanks very much. I appreciate. Let’s go” I quipped, moving towards the door with my tuxedo on a shoulder. I extended my hand to open the door and then hesitated. I turned slowly towards Randy to confide in him on something that has been gnawing inside at me since this morning.
  • “What Cass?” He asked perceiving my inner struggle.
  • “What if she never shows up?”I intoned in a perturbed manner, standing close to the door I was about to open.
  • “That's crass, will you say such a thing? You of all people know how much Sophia loves you. Don't forget you broke so many hearts just to be with her, she’ll never do that. You are just having wedding chills, don’t worry. After all, you have a child together, there's no way she will do that. C’mon man the thought is crazy” Randy reassured me, managing to soothe me a little.
  • Sophia could be indecisive a lot. Getting her to marry me had been by chance, she has gone on and on about us waiting till her next promotion and how she wanted to visit Argentina for a modeling deal, and Paris for a life-changing contract.
  • From the first day I set my eyes on her, I always knew I was going to marry her. There was something about the way she had carried herself with a high air of confidence. And when she smiled, I couldn’t help but fall for her orbs of chestnut brown eyes. I had been hooked since then. I liked her charisma and pizzazz, her flawless magnetism and soft words, they just tend to draw one in when you least expect it.
  • I opened the door and we walked down to my waiting Audi as the driver congratulated me, rushing to open the door. I cheekily responded and entered, followed by Randy who appeared more excited than I am.
  • When we got to the church, several cars were packed everywhere in front of the courtyard, which I had anticipated. It wasn’t every day one got to attend the wedding of one of the richest people in New York City, not to mention a renowned world bachelor and rake like myself.
  • I alighted, quickly shrugging on my tuxedo which Randy helped me to button up. The church door flung open, and my mum exited from inside, looking all gorgeous. She couldn’t contain her joy at seeing me ‘do the right thing’ in her words. She crashed into me, peppering me with kisses that had me shrinking back in disgust.
  • “Mum, I told you to stop with the baby kisses” I complained as she crushed me to herself.
  • “C’mon sweetie, you know you will always be my little baby. I am super proud of you” she wept into my shoulders. I reached out and caressed her shoulders to calm her down. When she finally let me go, we all walked into the church with all eyes goring at me.
  • I stiffened as I walked towards the aisle praying none of my ex-lovers come barging in to disrupt my wedding.
  • I stood in front of the priest, we exchanged a nod of understanding and then the wait began.
  • ~
  • It has been 3hours now and we are still waiting.
  • I was so scared.
  • I had feared this. Randy assured me that it’s nothing, and goes out to put a call to her which she didn’t pick. I soon got frustrated waiting and excused myself.
  • Going outside, I called her so many times. Nothing. I called her friends, none picked. I roared in anger about to break down.
  • My mum came out in panic, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone so I just sat in a corner praying this wasn’t what I was thinking. That she’ll come, say any excuse which I’ll happily accept, just let her come. Beads of sweat fell from my hair down my face in agitation.
  • I couldn’t wait again so I trudged to my car, ordering my driver out of it. I rushed in with Randy at my heels.
  • “Where are you going to, Cassy?” He asked but I didn’t reply. I powered the engine and did a mad turn, to the bewilderment of my mum who yelled in fright. Randy had already rushed into the car and I sped off towards Sophia’s house.
  • When we got there, everywhere was deserted. I pounded on the door angrily enough to wake the dead. “ Sophia can’t do this to me. She can’t..” I wailed, falling to the ground. Randy rushed to my side trying to placate me, but I was beyond pacifying and let the tears fall like the ocean had no bowel to sustain them.
  • I jumped up, remembering my child, and rushed to the car still dumbfounded by everything.
  • When we got to my mansion, I sped into the house, up to the nursery. I stood at the door in relief as I beheld his tiny yelps in the arms of Chloe, his day nanny. I went in and snatched him away, crashing him to me as I poured out all my pains and bitterness in that hug, consoled that she didn’t take him away from me.
  • (Hey darlings?I hope you like the beginning?, Please drop your comments below on anything you think I should add or any suggestions at all. It would mean a lot to me. My next chapter is going to be a bom!, Hopefully, ?)