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Chapter VIII - The Will

  • ABBY
  • These past few days of my life were so exhausting and full of pain and anguish. I can’t believe that I’m still breathing, barely. Barely breathing. I’ve been through a lot for my eighteen years of life but losing someone you love is different than being held captive and torture. Although I’m also affected mentally I’m not heartbroken, unlike mom’s death. Nothing in this world can ever replace my mother, I don’t even care about the Will, but it’s mom’s legacy. Her last will and testament will only remind me that my mother is truly gone and never come back. I just need to be strong, for dad, my only family left. Dad reminded me last night before going to sleep that today is the day of reading of mom’s will. I saw the pain in dad’s eyes no matter how he tried to hide. He just lost someone who we dearly love and who has been his life partner for almost three decades. It sucks! I know. Dad’s office reminds me of a lot of things, from my childhood until today. I still remember coming to this office when I’m still in grade school, I love reading books in this place even I have my own mini library and study room especially when dad’s around, but today it reminds me of Lost. I run my hand through dad’s book collections alphabetically arranged according to Author’s last name, I guess it’s in the blood of being a bookworm. His huge mahogany desk still the same for as long as I can remember. On the left side are few of his liquor collections although dad doesn’t drink much. He has his own cellar here in our home. Mom’s lawyer is already sitting in front of dad. I feel nervous but what ever written was mom’s wishes. She could just donate all of her money or sell her property to an auction and donate them to those in needs but I hope I can have some of her jewelry as her memories. Some are heirloom already that passes through generations of Hirlington. I knew mom’s lawyer. I’ve met him a couple of times. His on his late 60’s, graying thin layer of hair with thick rimmed glasses just on the tip of his nose but he is well known for his practice. Atty. Timothy Sanders started since his late 20’s. After extending my hand for him I sit comfortably. I take a deep breath. I didn’t pay much attention when he started mentioning mom’s name address, spouse etc., all I heard are money, bank accounts, properties and assets, and liabilities. When my name is mention I listen intently and something catches my attentions about three conditions. Three conditions??? Wait! What? I must have shouted the word “what?!” dad and Atty. Sanders’s attention is on me. “Let him continue sweetheart,” Dad says “Well I really don’t care about mom’s money, she is gone and it will not change a thing. She can donate them and I will not say a thing. You don’t have to continue Atty. Sanders.” I say and look at the Lawyer.
  • I tighten my lips then frown. “I know it’s hard for you Abbygail but let me continue. It’s your mom’s will. Honor her wishes, will you?” Atty. Sanders says. I nod. “Okay, please continue. I apologize for the interruption.” I narrow my eyes to listen carefully, my hands start sweating. “three conditions” as the lawyer continues. I listen half interested. I hear in between words and sentences.
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