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Chapter 2 First Encounters

  • 9 Years Later
  • Present Day
  • Hailee was in college now, she blossomed into a vibrant young woman with long golden blonde hair by the waist, she have blue eyes, the color of the ocean. Although she doesn't work out she's blessed with the body of a gymnast, 5 feet 8", slim with curves in all the right places. Nineteen years now and even though she has change and every bit womanly on the outside she's still a scared little girl on the inside with no idea of how beautiful she really is.
  • She longed to cut ties with her mother and the so called father of hers. She found out a couple years ago he was not her father but one of her mother client, he had seen her in the morning when she went to the kitchen for breakfast with her mother and offer her mother betterment from the hole she was living in, he adopts Hailee, hence giving her a name.
  • Every time she brings up the conversation of wanting to be on her own, her mother would scold her and begs of her to wait until her father complete his full six years in the Mayor office. There's rumor he might be a suitable candidate to run for the senator office. So Hailee suck it up and still dread the days when she have to returned home but in order to show a happy family on the front pages she have to show up.
  • It's not Christmas yet, it's only spring season but Sam Hutchins was having an interview by the Edingburgh Times, if this interview goes in his favor he'll make it to the candidate list for senator. That was his ultimate goal and he made sure everyone around him knows it. Sam had already gotten tired of being the big fish in a small pond, his aim is to make it big, he wants to swim onto fresher waters.
  • Hailee had to leave college early to make an appearance for the reporters, being the happy family they portrayed on the outside. No one knew about Hailee mom's Alice past nor about Hailee not being Sam's child. No one ever questioned it to dig deeper. On paper they are the golden family of the small town they're living in and the dream and envy of almost everyone. If they only knew what goes on behind closed doors, they won't want that life.
  • Hailee dress in a grey skirtsuit, had her hair in a high pony tail and wear mild to little makeup, a single necklace around her neck with a ruby pendant. Her mother on the other hand had on heavy makeup, a blue skin tight dress that compliments her eyes and leaves little to the imagination of her voluptuous shape, she had on a large diamond choker around her neck like a dog collar and a pair of gold hoop earrings. Sam wear a simple midnight blue suit and his custom made white top hat.
  • The interview begins, Hailee answering politely when she was ask a question, not indulging but keeping it to point, making sure no one is to ever question her answers. There was a young reporter about her age flirting with her, she politely lets him down. Everything is about being tidy and polite for her. Sam manager flirts with her a bit too forward but she handle him well or so she thought.
  • When the interview was over she retire to her room only to be told by one of the servants that her father summons her to the study, dreading every step she made it and pushed the doors open, only to find his manager Mr. Sinclair there. He quickly snatch her and was kissing her feverishly when her father steps in, he outrageously fire Mr Sinclair and had security escort him from the property.
  • That night Alice leave for her date with the young reporter that was flirting with her daughter. Sam went up to Hailee room in a rage after the servants retire for the night. He storms into her room, looking at her like a raging bull, "you want to be a whore! I'll teach you to be a whore!" He shouts at her, spittle flying out his mouth. She cowers in a corner afraid of him, he takes out his belt and wraps it around his hand as he zips down his fly letting his flaccid penis out, "come here you good for nothing little piece of shit!" He use the belt across her back several times before he push her down on her knees and force his penis into her mouth, pushing all the way in until it hits her throat forcing to go down, she gags and spit it out, he didn't let up and force it in her mouth once again holding her head firm by the back of her neck. She place her hands on his thighs and uses all her strength to push off, she bites his penis and watch in horror and shock as he double over and scream in pain, she's lucky the guards were told to stay put outside the main door.
  • She ran out of the house and into the moonlit cold night, thoughts consuming her. Other girls her age would swoon over guys and share a confidant relationship with their mother where all she have is herself, no one to tell what's going on in her life, no friend to call hers. Her mother should have been her protector but from the very first time, the moment she lost her innocence she knew she's stuck in facing her misery and agony on her own all alone. She had no idea how long she was running until she stopped at the big Oak bridge.
  • She looks into the water, it was rough and swirling, beating and splashing against the bridge, looking deep into the vengeful water she feels the turmoil in her slowly dissipating replace by calm and peace. She climbs on top of the rail and slowly let herself fall, arms spreads like wings. She let go and felt instant peace as the wind blew across her face and caress her face. When she impact the water it was welcoming of her as she drowned.
  • Michael was at the big Oak bridge, he would usually come here to talk to the memory of his mom, he was telling her about James and how proud she would've been to see him graduate top of his class when he spot long flowing golden hair shining in the moonlight, arms stretch out wide as angel wings, falling smoothly to the water, not wasting any time he jumps into the turbulent water, clothing and all to rescue this angel before she fades from this world. It was a struggle trying to tug her from the pulling water that already seem to claim her as their own but he made it. 
  • Laying her on the sand he started to do mouth to mouth resuscitation. She came to while he was trying the third time, thankfully she didn't swallow much water. She look up at him with a sad smile adorning her pretty oval face, blue eyes that seem to lost its spark, "are you an angel? I didn't know heaven have stock up cuteness on overload, I should have done this a while back if I did know." Again with the sad smile that doesn't suit her.