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Chapter 33

  • Alex's pov
  • I walked into Cleo's house with a low sigh, when she called me she sounded upset. I had no idea if she really was, but what I was hoping for was that she hadn't found out about Stacey. I knew she kept on saying all that about Stacey for some reason, she didn't like her and her knowing that I had married her would upset her. I didn't want her to feel upset not until I made sure my niece had recovered.
  • "What Cleopatra." I called loudly.
  • "She left an hour ago," Sharon answered as she came downstairs and stood next to me with two glasses of wine .
  • "Welcome back baby love." She whispered as I sighed annoyed.
  • "Cleo told me to remind you that today is her anniversary, " She said as I laughed nervously.
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