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Update: 2021-02-19

Chapter 1

  • Stacey's p.o.v
  • I drove home in the evening with a deep sigh as I tried to reason with my best friend on my phone.
  • "Becky, I told you I'm not interested, " I said lazily.
  • "It's just a date, " she answered angrily.
  • It was always the same shit we talked about, every time she called.
  • "Becky I know you mean well, but I'm just too busy with checking out the final submitted manuscript," I said while chewing on my lower lip.
  • Our conversation was getting annoying, I was so damn tired as it was.
  • "Busy?, Are you kidding me!, Stacey you have been busy your whole life, ever since college!, give yourself a break for Christ's sake!" she yelled loudly as I laughed.
  • "Becky look..."
  • "No you hear me out for once, the man he is so good-looking, independent, rich and his got that perfect bulge down there in his pants," she said as I sighed loudly.
  • She was such a slut, well my best slut friend ever, I loved and hated her for sleeping around whenever she felt like.
  • "Did you fuck him?," I asked curiously.
  • "No, although I wanted to, come on Stacey, I'm your best friend, I know what's best for you," she said.
  • I bite my lower lip tightly then sighed.
  • "Becky," I called.
  • "No you listen!" she yelled.
  • I angrily closed my eyes for a second then hit the stirring wheel in anger.
  • When I heard the sound of my car hit something, I quickly opened my eyes and stepped on the breaks then came out while I dropped my phone. I rushed in front and found a man lying on the ground with blood coming out of his mouth, he was in rugs and he looked dirty, his hair and beard were scruffy, I knelt down next to him in fear and panic.
  • "Oh God, sir, sir!" I called out loudly as I shook him.
  • "Sir, sir, help, help me, anybody please!" I screamed while looking around hoping someone could hear me.
  • The streets to home were usually silent, there was no one in sight.
  • " Why the hell is this happening to me now?" I murmured to myself.
  • "What happened?" a man's voice behind startled me.
  • I quickly turned and looked at the young man who was looking at me.
  • "I..I......" I stammered as I tried to speak.
  • "Step aside lady, we need to rush him to the clinic," he said as I stood up and moved away.
  • "Open the door" he instructed loudly.
  • He quickly carried the man while I opened the back door, I watched with teary eyes when he pushed the unconscious man in, then he got in too, I closed the door and quickly jumped in the driver's seat and started the car, I gave out a small prayer as I drove to the nearest clinic.
  • Immediately I parked the car outside the clinic, the young man came out with the unconscious man and rushed him in, I closed the doors with trembling hands and followed him behind, I was beyond scared as I walked in the passage and spotted the man standing outside the ward, I moved closer and stood next to him.
  • "Should I turn myself in?" I asked in a whisper.
  • "Lady, no one saw the accident happen, only I did, so if you don't want any more trouble, I suggest you keep your mouth shut as I will do the same, I was from telling one nurse that we just found the man lying down, we know nothing of what happened," he said as I looked at him in shock then cleared my throat.
  • "But the cops need to know," I said.
  • The man sighed then shook his head 
  • "Gosh, since you can't let it slide I will show you something," he said then pulled out a badge and showed me, I looked at it in shock then at him.
  • "You are a cop?" I asked loudly.
  • "Yes, I am" he answered.
  • "Then why aren't you turning me in!" I exclaimed.
  • "Let's say I know Becky very well, and I have seen and heard a lot about you from her, I recognized you immediately I saw you screaming for help, so let me handle everything, you stay here okay, If you will excuse me now," he said then left and went outside.
  • I sat down on a bench which was close to the wardroom for an hour with a loud beating heart.
  • "Stacey!" Becky called.
  • I turned and quickly stood up when she approached me.
  • "Oh, Stacey" she whispered.
  • I quickly moved closer and hugged her in tears.
  • "Becky it was horrible, I'm so scared, he was bleeding from his mouth" I cried.
  • "Hey calm down, what did the doctor say?" She asked then pulled back.
  • "His......
  • The door opened and the doctor came out, I rushed to him and stood in front of him.
  • "Doctor, how is he?" I asked while swallowing hard.
  • "The patient is stable, he just had minor injuries, for now, he's resting, tomorrow he can be discharged" he answered.
  • I smiled in relief.
  • "Thank you very much" I answered happily.
  • "Stacey, sit down for a bit," Becky said when the doctor left.
  • "Becky what if he had died? I wouldn't have forgiven myself, I would have been arrested and put in prison for years" I whispered sadly.
  • "I'm sorry Stacey, its also my fault, I shouldn't have called you while you were driving," she said.
  • I faked a smile then sat down.
  • "Becky let's just forget about that, taking blames won't solve anything" I answered seriously.
  • "Okay, but where is the man's family, did you call them yet?" She asked softly.
  • "I don't know where to start from, I was hoping your cop friend might help me with that, isn't he the one who told you I was here?" I asked.
  • "Yes he is, I will ask for his help, don't worry " she answered.
  • I nodded then lay my head on her laps