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Chapter 51 How the victorious Gargantuists were recompensed after th_attle

  • When Gargantua had finished his speech, the seditious men whom he require_ere delivered up unto him, except Swashbuckler, Dirt-tail, and Smalltrash,
  • who ran away six hours before the battle—one of them as far as to Lainiel-nec_t one course, another to the valley of Vire, and the third even unt_ogroine, without looking back or taking breath by the way—and two of th_ake-bakers who were slain in the fight. Gargantua did them no other hurt bu_hat he appointed them to pull at the presses of his printing-house which h_ad newly set up. Then those who died there he caused to be honourably burie_n Black-soile valley and Burn-hag field, and gave order that the wounde_hould be dressed and had care of in his great hospital or nosocome. Afte_his, considering the great prejudice done to the town and its inhabitants, h_eimbursed their charges and repaired all the losses that by their confessio_pon oath could appear they had sustained; and, for their better defence an_ecurity in times coming against all sudden uproars and invasions, commanded _trong citadel to be built there with a competent garrison to maintain it. A_is departure he did very graciously thank all the soldiers of the brigade_hat had been at this overthrow, and sent them back to their winter-quarter_n their several stations and garrisons; the decumane legion only excepted,
  • whom in the field on that day he saw do some great exploit, and their captain_lso, whom he brought along with himself unto Grangousier.
  • At the sight and coming of them, the good man was so joyful, that it is no_ossible fully to describe it. He made them a feast the most magnificent,
  • plentiful, and delicious that ever was seen since the time of the kin_hasuerus. At the taking up of the table he distributed amongst them his whol_upboard of plate, which weighed eight hundred thousand and fourteen bezants
  • (Each bezant is worth five pounds English money.) of gold, in great antiqu_essels, huge pots, large basins, big tasses, cups, goblets, candlesticks,
  • comfit-boxes, and other such plate, all of pure massy gold, besides th_recious stones, enamelling, and workmanship, which by all men's estimatio_as more worth than the matter of the gold. Then unto every one of them out o_is coffers caused he to be given the sum of twelve hundred thousand crown_eady money. And, further, he gave to each of them for ever and in perpetuity,
  • unless he should happen to decease without heirs, such castles an_eighbouring lands of his as were most commodious for them. To Ponocrates h_ave the rock Clermond; to Gymnast, the Coudray; to Eudemon, Montpensier;
  • Rivau, to Tolmere, to Ithibolle, Montsoreau; to Acamas, Cande; Varenes, t_hironacte; Gravot, to Sebast; Quinquenais, to Alexander; Legre, to Sophrone,
  • and so of his other places.