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Chapter 42 The wrong coincidence

  • "Common you two, stop being a slug and move further!" Maria and Marco groans at Leonora and Tiziana.
  • Nora and Tiz came to visit them at their residence earlier and dragged the twins and their mother to shopping. At first Gisella protested but in the end, she gave up totally in sync with both of her best friends and colleague. Tiz and Nora have been dragging Marco and Maria from shop to shop.
  • "I hate shopping aunt Nora," Maria groans. "I wish Papa is around," Maria grumbles.
  • They all look at themselves and back to the nine-year-old. "Girls love shopping, Maria" Tiz added. "And thank goodness he's out for a business trip with Alessandro and your uncle Diego," 
  • "Can we rest? I'm dying  from walking!" Marco groaned in a complaint but everyone except Maria went deaf on him.
  • "Brother Marco is right! can we rest for a few minutes or maybe hours?" Maria immediately allianced herself with her brother because they feel each other's pain right now.
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