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Chapter 35 The Regret

  • I've been observing my husband for almost an hour now. He has been behaving strange and I know what he wants but still wanting to hear it from his mouth directly.
  • He cleared his throat to gain my attention. "I heard from Dr. Vixenalle that you're allowed to have sex when you're pregnant," Nicolo said as he played with my hair that was in a rough bun. We are currently laying down next to each other watching LITTLE again and he keeps on complaining about my love for Jorden Sanders and also on how he doesn't want his child to become all mean and bossy.
  • "Sì," I nodded my head as I feel my hormones rising.
  • He bits his lips as he stares deep into my hazel eyes. "We should totally do it then." he wiggles his eyebrows.
  • I look down at my husband pant to see that he has already grown three times larger than he normally his. He is really a strong man, we haven't made love for almost seven months, tomorrow will make its the eighth month and I too want it, but I'm scared that his boner might poke my baby's head. "But we are not having sex right now," I shook my head laughing at him.
  • "You do this all the goddam time, honey," He groans. "So what is your plan for today," He asked me.
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