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Chapter 20 The crack-feels

  • At the bottom of my heart lies a secret that I have never told a soul in the world. There is an image of this person who is dearest to me and closer than anything else. -Melanie Rock
  • "Thank you, Signor Nicolo, for your cooperation today," Leonora handshake him as I did the same after her. "We will not see you off then," I added, knowing fully well that I don't want any more talk with him. I nodded at Alessandro, who was smiling at me and also the beautiful Zeta.
  • "Bye, Signor." Leonora childishly waved at him, not as if he could see her. "This way, Signorino," Zeta added as she turned him around, and they walked away.
  • Leonora sheepishly looks at me then screams. "Oh my goodness, I never thought that I would have a chance to see Nicolo Caruso in person or even have a conversation. He is so cute even being blind," she jumps up and down, grinning manically and smiling.
  • I was happy that she was delighted. "Leonora, you're indeed a professional work of art," I held her shoulders smiling.
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