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Chapter 7 Accidentally Choking Himself

  • Walking out of the inpatient building, Edward sat down on one of the benches in the garden and watched a family of three happily laughing under a tree not too far away. The child, who looked around five or six years old, was wearing a hospital gown. Despite looking as pale as Charles, he was smiling brightly.
  • Perhaps it was due to the seriousness of his illness, but the child was sitting in a wheelchair. He lifted his head and looked at the man and the woman beside him before asking softly, “Daddy, Mommy, will I get better?”
  • “Sweetie, trust your mommy and daddy. You will definitely get better.”
  • The child was grinning from ear to ear as he continued to speak with some difficulty. “I think so too. Because I haven’t gone to the amusement park with Mommy and Daddy. Also, Daddy hasn’t taught me martial arts yet or taught me how to drive—”
  • The child’s voice kept ringing in Edward’s ears as if it had been enchanted by magic. I have never done anything with my son before over the past three years. Does he also look forward to seeing me, his father? Will he also smile and ask me to teach him something? For no palpable reason, he believed that he would be an excellent teacher if he were to teach that child. However, he felt disappointment gushing up inside him whenever he recalled the look that child had given him at the end. That was the truth—Charles felt disappointed!
  • The summer wind blew against him gently, bringing a wave of heat with it. It filled his heart with a vague feeling of depression and melancholy. Even though he never liked smoking very much, his mouth felt extremely bitter at the moment. He stood motionlessly for a moment before heading toward the convenience store at the hospital. Randomly buying a pack of cigarettes, he returned to the garden bench and sat down again. Then, he lit a cigarette and abruptly took two deep drags on it. However, he breathed in too deeply and accidentally choked himself on the smoke.
  • He immediately bent over and coughed violently as a result. While coughing non-stop, he lifted his hand and clutched at the left side of his chest. That spot was hurting with a dull, aching pain. Moreover, the smoke rising from the cigarette in his fingers stung his eyes painfully. Even so, the stinging pain could not compare to the pain he felt when that child looked at him inside the hospital ward just now—that pain had been far more intense in comparison. I thought I’d remain calm and composed even when meeting that child today. I thought that my heart would remain unaffected. But, those clear black eyes of his instantly destroyed all my pretenses. I could even tell that that child… was rejecting me!
  • The moment this thought surfaced in his head, his first reaction was to think: That woman must have talked badly about me in front of that child! Otherwise, what would a child know? If it wasn’t because somebody was intentionally speaking badly about me in front of him, he wouldn’t know anything at all. If he knew nothing at all, how could he possibly reject the father he had not seen in a long time? He would have been ecstatic about meeting me instead! The more he thought about it, the more he felt as if he were going crazy.
  • From the very beginning, his head was filled with thoughts of that child. He wished from the bottom of his heart that that child would not reject him! He… wanted to be loved by that child! He mulled over it blankly. His heart was filled with this unfamiliar yet exciting feeling that left him feeling helpless.
  • Edward was in such a daze that he didn’t even hear his phone ringing. It wasn’t until the child in the wheelchair that was conversing under the tree just now used his small hands to gently touch Edward’s hands that Edward finally snapped back to the present.
  • “Mister, your phone is ringing.” The child’s soft voice easily reminded him of that child’s babyish voice calling him ‘Daddy’ in that indifferent tone.
  • “Mister?” When he didn’t react, the child called out gently again. That finally brought him back to his senses again. He glanced at the cigarette in his hand and immediately extinguished it before tossing it into the trashcan nearby. Then, he finally turned to glance at the child. His tone involuntarily became considerably gentler. “What is it?”
  • “Mister, your phone is ringing.”
  • Upon hearing that, he finally reacted to the ringing of his phone. He took out his phone with graceful movements, glanced at the caller ID, and placed it back in his pocket.
  • “Are you not going to answer the phone, Mister?” the child asked curiously. It was a child’s nature to be inquisitive.
  • He glanced around him. The man and woman accompanying the child just now had vanished somewhere—only this child remained here. “It wasn’t an important phone call. Are you sick?”
  • Perhaps Edward himself wasn’t aware of how gentle and careful his tone was when speaking to the child. He didn’t even know what was wrong with him that led him to spill his heart out to the child defenselessly. He even told the child about the look Charles had given him.
  • They only talked for a short while before the child’s parents returned. Before they parted, the child smiled brilliantly and said, “Mister, I believe your son will come to like you. After all, you’re such a kind person.”
  • Like me? All of a sudden, he didn’t even dare to even imagine it.
  • At 7 PM, Edward arrived at Dragon Dynasty Hotel. He had just finished showering when he received a phone call from his assistant, Noah Zimmer.
  • “What’s the matter?” he asked in a cold, hoarse voice.
  • Soon, the respectful voice of his assistant sounded through the phone. “President Barnett, the Barnett Corporation is starting to show movement.”
  • Upon hearing that, his breathtakingly handsome face immediately looked as if it were covered in a layer of frost, exuding a bone-chillingly cold aura. His knife-like thin lips were pressed tightly together into a firm line, making one shudder in fear. That bunch of people is carefully watching every move I make at all times. I’ve only been in Rongvale City for less than 24 hours and they are already itching to make their move. What would happen if I stayed in Rongvale City for a longer time?
  • “Ignore them.” I want to see just what those people can do.
  • “Yes, President Barnett. I’ve already prepared everything for when you are undergoing surgery. Do you have any other instructions for me?”
  • “No.” His words were very direct. After saying that, he hung up the phone.
  • When Summer entered the room with the key card the reception desk had handed to her, she was greeted by this sight: Edward was wearing a dressing gown with one hand crossed over his chest and the other hand holding a glass of red wine, casually sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in the living room. He had a tall and handsome figure. His sexy and toned chest was exposed because he wasn’t wearing the dressing gown properly. Moreover, his skin had a healthy glow to it despite how fair it was.
  • The exquisite chandelier in the living room shone down on him gently, enveloping him in a faint glow. It was a radiant sight. Besides, the fair-skinned face that accompanied his figure was even more charming and seductive. While studying him, she had the strangest feeling that the dressing gown wrapped around his perfect body had come loose. What entered her view was his seductive Adonis belt and his sexy eight-pack abs. Her gaze was glued to him. Then, a drop of water fell from the man’s wet hair and landed on his chest before slowly sliding down the graceful curves of his muscles. Her gaze followed the drop of water, slowly moving downward…
  • “What’s this? You can’t wait for me to press you down and f*ck you?” In an instant, Summer felt as if a bucket of ice water was poured over her head when she heard Edward’s mockery.