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Chapter 6 A Successful Match

  • When Edward looked at the mini-version of himself sitting in front of him—especially those ink-black eyes—he was completely stunned for a moment. It wasn’t until he heard the child’s voice that he abruptly came back to his senses.
  • “Edward, Charles is saying hello to you. Didn’t you hear him?” Seeing that he wasn’t responding, Rosie frowned in displeasure. To be specific, that babyish way of calling him ‘Daddy’ had enough impact to make his usually sharp and quick-witted brain go blank as a result. Thus, he continued to remain silent. Meanwhile, her scowl deepened when she saw that Charles was expressionless. Just as she was about to say something again, a doctor knocked on the door and walked in.
  • The moment the doctor came in, he respectfully greeted her and said, “Old Madam Barnett, everything has been prepared. May I know if Young Master Edward is ready to go now?”
  • Upon hearing those words, Charles glanced at Edward with a calm look. Then, he turned to look at Summer and said in a childish voice, “Mommy, I’m hungry.”
  • Summer was taken aback by his words. However, a touch of joy quickly filled her eyes. He had lost his appetite ever since he was hospitalized, eating only a little bit of food each time. Even during breakfast just now, he had only taken one bite—he didn’t touch anything else on his plate. Therefore, just hearing him say that he was hungry brought tears of joy to her eyes. She excitedly said, “Charles, wait for me. I’ll go and buy something for you to eat right now, okay?”
  • Charles nodded in response.
  • It wasn’t until Summer left the room that Rosie glanced at her grandson again. She frowned slightly and said, “Edward, why don’t you keep Charles company for a while? I need to speak to the doctor.” After saying that, she left the room too.
  • All of a sudden, only the father and son duo were left inside the hospital ward. Charles remained expressionless. Aside from his self-introduction just now, he clearly was not prepared to say anything else...
  • Perhaps it was due to the blood ties between them as father and son, but Edward felt a sense of pressure bearing down on him when he looked at the child in front of him.
  • “Are you… called Charlie?” When Edward finally opened his mouth, he was surprised to find that his voice was trembling slightly—so much so that his surprise was written all over his delicate and enchanting facial features.
  • “My name is Charles Barnett!” Charles elegantly announced his name. Despite his pale complexion, his good manners were perfectly displayed at the moment. He was very polite—like a mini gentleman.
  • It was just that his mannerisms were as if he was introducing himself to a stranger. That realization made Edward’s heart sink to the bottom. In the past, I used to use this very expression and distant tone when facing my so-called father. I never thought that I would be treated in a similar fashion now that I’m meeting my own son. A flash of anxiety flitted through his long and narrow eyes.
  • “Thank you,” Charles suddenly piped up after a long pause of silence between them.
  • Edward was so stunned that his usually intelligent brain froze for a moment, and he couldn’t react. It took him some time to recover from his surprise and get his uneasy feelings under control. Then, his low voice that was slightly hoarse rang out. “Why?”
  • “Although it’s because Great-Grandma asked you to come back, you still came back anyway. I’m very grateful for that.” After saying that, Charles turned his ink-black eyes on Edward with a meaningful look before turning around and carefully lying back in bed with his back toward Edward.
  • Faced with this situation, Edward, who had always remained cold and indifferent to everything, became lifeless. At that moment, he felt shocked, lost, nervous, and even a hint of horror… He felt as if he couldn’t bear staying in the room anymore as countless emotions flashed through his heart—an unprecedented sense of panic made him leave the hospital ward without even thinking about it.
  • The moment the door of the hospital ward closed again, Charles, who was lying on the hospital bed, slowly opened his eyes again. This time around, those eyes were no longer dull and lifeless. Instead, they were filled with tears that threatened to fall at any moment. I really like Daddy. But, he doesn’t like me!
  • Meanwhile, Summer happily held the container of porridge she just bought from the canteen in her hands as she walked back toward Charles’ hospital ward. All of a sudden, she spotted Edward standing by the floor-to-ceiling window just outside the hospital ward with his back to her.
  • Edward had been standing there motionlessly ever since exiting the hospital ward. His emotions were a chaotic whirlwind. Combined with the phone call he just received from his lover, he suddenly felt at a loss for what to do. He had never felt this way before even when he was faced with business deals worth hundreds of millions. And yet, a feeling of hesitation grew in him after meeting the child. He couldn’t even deny the fact that he had panicked when he looked into the child’s eyes.
  • Summer watched him and paused in her tracks. The memory of them parting on bad terms last night was still fresh in her mind. She felt that it was better if she didn’t speak to this man right now, lest she upset him again. Unfortunately, things didn't go as she hoped—he noticed her as soon as she walked up the stairs.
  • “Summer!” A cold voice rang out, making her shudder in fear even though she had her back to him. It was practically a subconscious reflex. Turning around, she saw the man’s icy expression clearly and met his frosty, sword-like gaze.
  • The grim man was faintly exuding a terrifying and imposing aura around him—it was even stronger than the aura he gave off last night. At that moment, he looked like Satan himself in her eyes. Moreover, the temperature of their surroundings also seemed to drop rapidly because of his presence. In response, she turned around to flee—the feeling of fear was so strong that she subconsciously wanted to escape.
  • Immediately following that, an extremely cold voice escaped his alluring thin lips. The voice was as cold as ice. “Do you not want to save your son anymore?”
  • The moment she heard those words, her hand involuntarily tightened around the thermal food container she was holding. She turned around helplessly but looked down to the ground.
  • “Mr. Barnett, I know I promised you. But, can you wait until after Charles finishes his operation?” Right now, all I want is to see Charles happy and healthy again. I don’t even have the mental strength to think about anything else.
  • “Hmph. I told you before; you don’t have the right to negotiate terms with me.” Edward slowly approached Summer with graceful steps as he spoke. When he closed the distance between them, he took out a piece of paper with an address written on it from his pocket and placed it in front of her eyes.
  • “8 PM tonight. If I don’t see you there, the deal is off!” After saying that, he turned around and walked toward the doctor’s office.
  • At 2 PM, the results of the blood tests came out. Rosie and Summer were extremely anxious and nervous—they were scared that Edward might not be a donor match.
  • “Old Madam Barnett, the results are out. Young Master Edward and Young Master Charles are a successful match.”
  • “Summer, isn’t that great?! Charles will get better! Finally, our lovely Charles won’t need to suffer from his illness anymore!” Rosie hugged Summer emotionally.
  • Similarly, Summer was smiling brightly too. She was beyond overjoyed inside. For some reason, Edward didn’t feel irritated at the sight of the bright and happy smile she had on her face. Seeming to notice somebody’s gaze on her, she subconsciously raised her head. She looked into those bottomless black eyes of his and immediately understood his intentions with just a single glance.