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Chapter 3 Be My Lover After Our Divorce

  • “Huh?” Summer could not follow what Edward was thinking. Therefore, she did not know why he was questioning her in such a mocking tone again.
  • “You want another child just so that you can inherit the Barnett Family’s assets!” Edward’s deep black eyes narrowed dangerously. A cold light flashed in the depths of his dark gaze. His handsome face was tense, and his thin lips were tightly pressed into a cold, firm arc.
  • “No, that’s not it! I only want you to save Charles!” Her eyes were pleading earnestly. There was nothing else she wished for—she only wanted for him to save Charles. After all, Charles was suffering so much even though he was still so young…
  • “Is that really all?” All of a sudden, he pressed against her so tightly that she had nowhere to escape to. He stretched out his hands imposingly, trapping her between him and the wall. At that moment, his aura assaulted the very air she breathed in again. Her body was so stiff as a result that she forgot to struggle against him.
  • “Summer Woods, did you forget about what I said to you before I left?”
  • When she heard the words coming out of his mouth, her pupils dilated rapidly from the threat hiding behind them. It was a mixture of fear, anxiety, and indecision.
  • Seeing her fearful expression, he finally seemed satisfied and continued saying, “It looks like you do remember. If that’s the case, how can I let the consequences of provoking me disappoint you?” Although his good looks were accompanied by a graceful smile, she only saw the disdain in his expression. His words bore down on her again before she could say anything. “You pretentious woman. Just looking at you makes me sick.”
  • His oppressive posture made her feel very awkward and uncomfortable. At the same time, his words made her raise her head subconsciously. She looked straight into his deep eyes that were shining with a cold light. When she saw him for the first time, she had known at a glance that this man would cause her to sink into the abyss. And now, this face appeared in front of her again. They were standing very close together—so close that she could see herself reflected in his eyes.
  • As she was not a short person, she only needed to lift her head slightly to look straight into his eyes even though she was only wearing indoor slippers. Her gaze caused him to furrow his eyebrows lightly in dissatisfaction. All of a sudden, he freed up an arm and wrapped it around her waist tightly, pressing the two of them even closer together.
  • “Summer Woods, you better not f*cking make more trouble for me!” Those last words were snarled softly. It was cold yet filled with infinite rage and hatred.
  • “I can do anything as long as you save Charles, including leaving the Barnett Family,” she said firmly while staring into his deep black eyes. Aside from what she just mentioned, she had no idea what else she could say to make this furious man in front of her calm down. From the beginning, he believed that the incident back then was something she had set up all because she shamelessly wanted to marry into wealth. However, the truth was that… she had been framed too. Will this man believe me even if I told him that? She mulled over it and immediately obtained an answer in her heart. No. He won’t believe me. He won’t believe me no matter what I say. He might even think that I’m trying to find an excuse to clear my name. If so, why should I go the extra mile to tell him the truth when I know that he won’t even believe me in the first place? Why should I let him humiliate me again? I only have Charles. He is my only son. I can do anything for his sake.
  • “Hah. Leave the Barnett Family?! Are you really willing to do that?” She really is a cunning and scheming woman. She went to such lengths just to marry into the Barnett Family back then, yet now she is saying that she will leave the Barnett Family? Is that even possible?
  • “I can do it!” If it’s for Charles, I don’t care about anything else!
  • Listening to Summer’s words, Edward’s eyes locked on her eyes like a lion waiting for its prey. The two of them were mere inches away from each other. It wasn’t until now that he properly looked at the woman who became his wife three years ago. To his surprise, he suddenly realized that she was bare-faced. Even so, her skin was as soft and fair as a baby’s. Perhaps it was due to her high fever, but her cheeks were flushed suspiciously and her lips were rather pale. A simple glance made his heart stop for a moment. However, that feeling disappeared in an instant!
  • The strength of his arm around her waist was too great. Besides, she did not want to be in such intimate contact with him under these circumstances. Thus, she could only lift her head uncomfortably to maintain a certain distance from this man. As everybody knew, this posture made her slender neck curve into a beautiful arc. Her fair skin was completely unblemished, extending all the way until the depression of her collar bone.
  • “You don’t believe me?” She glanced at the man in surprise. Didn’t he want me to leave the Barnett Family? I’ve already made my intention clear. Why doesn’t he believe me?
  • “Why should I trust you?” His cold words woke her up from her dream. It’s only expected that he doesn’t believe me, right?
  • “Then, why don’t you tell me what I can do for you to save Charles?” She knew that he would definitely go to the hospital since Rosie had ordered him to. However, he was capable of switching out the results if he was a match. I know very well what kind of person he is. There’s nothing in this world that can force him to do something against his will! Except for that incident three years ago! For three years, he had abandoned Charles without a care. Hence, she did not dare to put her hopes on the fact that he would save Charles just because Charles was his son. She could only plead with him in this manner, hoping that he could save Charles.
  • “Will you do everything I ask of you?” He narrowed his eyes dangerously, pressing closer and closer to her face.
  • “That’s right. As long as—” Before she could finish her sentence, the phone in his pocket rang untimely. He loosened the arm he had around her waist and took out his phone. When he saw the name displayed on the caller ID, he immediately turned to the window and answered the call.
  • Upon seeing that, she smiled self-deprecatingly. There’s only one person that can make him so nervous. That woman is the only one—there are no exceptions. If it wasn’t for me, he would have fled the nest with his lover a long time ago. What about me? Even if it wasn’t Edward Barnett, I would probably be stuck with just another Edward Barnett anyway!
  • While she was reminiscing about the events three years ago, he ended the call at some point and quietly resumed his position in front of her again.
  • “I will go to the hospital.” His indifferent voice sounded out softly, dragging her out of her reverie.
  • Her face lit up with excitement at those words. “Great! Thank you. Then, I’ll see you at the hospital tomorrow.” He agreed! That means Charles can finally enjoy his life as a normal child!
  • His gaze flickered as he brushed past her. Reaching out, he clutched her arm tightly. His voice was dyed with considerable fury. “Did you think it would be that simple?”
  • “What do you want? Just say it,” she answered resignedly. She knew that it couldn’t have been that simple. Besides, she would agree to his conditions no matter what he asked for. At that moment, she was simply filled with joy, thinking that Charles finally had hope for survival. However, she was unaware that his next words would drag her back into hell.
  • “I want a divorce.”
  • Upon hearing those words, Summer paused for a moment before saying, “Okay, I agree.” She never expected that what Edward would say next would make her feel so insulted.
  • “Be my lover after our divorce!”