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Chapter 13 You Are Like a Rabid Dog

  • What?! Take Charlie away?! Summer widened her eyes in horror.
  • “No! You can’t! You can’t take Charlie away! You can’t!” Ignoring the pain radiating from her neck, she hurriedly grasped at the man’s suit as he walked by her.
  • “What did you say?” Edward lowered his head. His eyes that were as sharp as an eagle’s seemed to be hiding a frozen pool behind them as he stared at the woman grabbing at his pants with a bottomless look.
  • “I’m begging you. Please don’t take Charlie away. He’s my everything. I can’t survive without him.” I can’t lose Charlie. For the past three years, it didn’t matter how tired and painful her life was—all her tiredness vanished the moment she went home and saw Charles. Charlie is my life.
  • “Haha. You’re begging me? Summer, what right do you have to beg me?” His gaze that lacked all warmth stared at her coldly. The rage in his eyes was clear to see.
  • Enduring how hard it was for her to breathe and the pain radiating from her chest, she lifted her head and spoke in a hoarse voice. “Charlie cannot live without me, and I cannot live without him. I’ve agreed to all the conditions you set before. Why are you snatching him away from me now?!”
  • “Snatch?” He felt as if he had heard a joke when he heard those words. “I’m only taking my son away with me. How is that snatching?”
  • “Don’t you have somebody you love? You can have another child with her. You can have your own children. So, please don’t take Charlie away from me.” Raising her head, she listened to his ruthless words and looked at the slight smile on his handsome face. However, that smile made her blood run cold. “Besides, you don’t have the right to take Charlie away. Grandma won’t allow it.”
  • She stared into his eyes that were hidden by his hair with reddened eyes of her own. The bundle of flames burning deep in his eyes was something she knew very well. She couldn’t help shuddering inside at the sight. On the other hand, he didn’t seem to have heard what she said and remained as motionless as a statue. Still, she knew—it was simply the calm before the storm. How can this man keep calm after hearing the obvious threat behind my words? Unfortunately, she had guessed wrongly—he had never been one to play his cards according to common sense after all.
  • He did not shake off her hand that was holding on to his slacks. Instead, he slowly crouched down and kept his gaze leveled with hers. His low and hoarse voice rang out in her ears—it was back to normal. Unlike the harsh tone he used just now, his soft whisper sounded like the timbre of a cello—it was low and sexy. It was a voice that bewitched others easily. Meanwhile, his large hands that had strangled her to the point of suffocation just now stroked her face gently. “Are you threatening me?”
  • The terror in her heart intensified as soon as she heard those words, especially when she saw the creepy smile at the corner of his lips. “No, I’m not. I’m only begging you not to take Charlie away from me. Please.”
  • “Summer, how can I not take Charlie away with me when you care about him so much?”
  • “What do you mean?” A terrible thought emerged in her heart when she heard those words. Is he deliberately taking Charlie away from me because he knows how much I care for him? Thus, she couldn’t help blurting out, “You threw Charlie away three years ago. You can’t snatch him away from me now.”
  • “Summer, what kind of expression do you think Charlie will have if he knows that I f*cked you like a wh*re?”
  • Bewilderment, shock, fury—all of those emotions flooded her heart. I’ve already humbled myself enough. Why does this man continue to torture me so?
  • “Letting you give birth to my son is an insult to my bloodline.”
  • When Summer heard what he said, she couldn’t help but open her mouth and bite his large hand that was constantly brushing against her mouth. Edward seemed slightly taken aback by her actions for a moment but did not pull his hand away. He simply watched her with a dark expression. A long while passed before he said, “You’re nothing but a wh*re after all. Look at you biting others. My son will be tainted if I leave him with a rabid dog like you.”
  • Afterward, he stood up abruptly and kicked her away as if he was kicking away a piece of trash that was sticking to his body.
  • Seeing that, she felt even more distressed. He can’t take Charlie away from me. He can’t! Before she could even reach out to grab at his clothes again, he turned away without warning and glared at her fiercely. That glare was so savage that she didn’t dare to act rashly.
  • “Summer, nobody can stop me from doing whatever I want to do.” After saying that, he strode away in the direction of Charles’ hospital ward.
  • Meanwhile, Summer slumped to the ground and was unable to recover from the shock. Why does Edward want to take Charles away from me so suddenly? In her daze, she heard the phone in her pocket ringing unexpectedly. She woke up from her daze abruptly and took out her phone in a panic. She didn’t even have the time to see who was calling her.
  • “Don’t let me see you again today. Otherwise, you’ll never see Charlie again!” Upon hearing those words, she felt a chill spreading out across her body from the inside and her heart trembled in trepidation. Toot, toot, toot—
  • Throughout the entire phone call, she only heard the cold voice coming from the other party as well as the busy tone that followed. She didn’t even dare to doubt the credibility of what Edward said. Just as he mentioned, nobody could stop him from doing whatever he wanted to do—not even Rosie! Therefore, she shakily stood up from the icy floor.
  • In her daze, she didn’t know where to go. If I go to the Barnett Residence, Grandma will definitely question me until she gets to the bottom of this matter. But, my home… I don’t want to go home… After considering her options, the only place that could accommodate her at this time was her studio.
  • On the other hand, Edward stood by the window upstairs. When he saw Summer’s dismal figure as she left the hospital, his eyebrows were perpetually furrowed.
  • Ten minutes later, Noah appeared behind Edward and respectfully reported, “Young Master Edward, Miss Woods has gone to her studio. She did not return to the Barnett Residence.”
  • Upon hearing those words, a look of surprise flashed through Edward’s eyes. After all the insults I threw at her, I thought she’d definitely go to the Barnett Residence to complain about what I did without any hesitation. Why didn’t she? Isn’t this a great opportunity for her? If she told Grandma about everything I said to her today, Grandma would definitely side with her and find a way to make me stay.
  • “Young Master Edward, I have sent all the information regarding everything that Miss Woods experienced over the last three years to your email. Also, I’m not sure if I should say this…” Noah was wearing a pair of sophisticated black-rimmed glasses. The brown eyes on his handsome face revealed a different kind of cunning under those glasses.
  • “What is it?” Edward asked coldly with his back to Noah.
  • “According to the information I received, Miss Woods is not a vain and self-obsessed person. Rather—”
  • “Mr. Zimmer, do you have too much time on your hands?”