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Chapter 15

  • Jennah slid down further into the warm water. She smiled and ran her hand through the mounds of bubbles. Dom must have used the entire bottle.
  • “Hey, beautiful, do you want something to eat, or tea?”
  • She smiled and closed her eyes. “Just tea. I’ll eat later.”
  • “You should try something to eat, too.”
  • She opened her eyes and looked over to see him standing in the door. “I think I need a nap more than food right now.” She pushed up so she could see him over the bubbles. “I’m suddenly exhausted.” His dark eyes immediately filled with concern. She laughed. “I’m fine, relax.”
  • He walked silently across the tiles and knelt down beside the tub. “I may never relax again.” He pushed a damp piece of hair back from her face. “At least not until Light is behind bars.”
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