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Chapter 9 Chapter Nine

  • Hi readers, I hope you are doing well, let's see what happen in this story. Please ignore any mistake.
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  • Ankti's POV
  • Once Arav left for the office I tried to call my best friend Sana but she did not pick the call maybe she was busy, I was so eager to talk to her so that I can share everything with her as she is the one who understands me and helps me to make a decision. She always guide me in my worst situation and I hope that she can also do the same this time, frankly, when Arav asked me to think about our marriage and to give a chance to this marriage, I saw the seriousness in his eyes, I felt that he is very serious about our marriage, at that time I also felt to say that I also want to give it a chance but I am scared what if this is just a dream and when I open my eyes everything will be disappeared like nothing happen. happiness and I are always the two side of the ocean which can never be together. 
  • Arav is a very sweet person and his family as well, He is perfect to be called the best husband which every girl wants but can I be a perfect wife for him. I was lost in my thoughts when my phone started to ring and a small smiled placed on my face after seeing the call ID., it's Sana....I quickly picked the call but before I could say anything she barked from the other side.
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