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Chapter 7 Chapter Seven

  • Hi readers, I hope you are enjoying the story, Please ignore the mistakes if there is any. please share your suggestion about the story. Thanks, have a good day.
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  • What will I do when I go there, what will I talk with them, will they accept me, lots of thoughts running on my mind, I was totally lost in my thoughts that I was not aware of his presence until there was a tap on my shoulder and I came out from my thoughts.
  • "Where were you lost, I was calling you from last 5 minutes", he asked me.
  • "Nothing" I answered his question and started walking out when he suddenly held my wrist and I stopped at my place and a shiver run down in my body from his mare touch.
  • "I know what you are thinking, come lets talk then we will go for breakfast, Come sit here," He told me I was just looking down not able to understand what to say.
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