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Chapter 5 Chapter Five

  • Arav's POV
  • Once the marriage was done we all reached back to my house. It took us one and a half hours to reached home. Mom stopped us at the entrance to do arti and some rituals. after the rituals they all want us to play some game which all the newly wedded couples do. which were also some kind of rituals. I was not in the mood to do anything, I just wanted to talk to my parents and tell them everything as they are not aware of anything till now.
  • "Mom, Dad, I want to talk to you," I told my parents after the rituals were done and all the relatives have gone from our home.
  • My cousins took Ankti to my room so it was the perfect time to talk to them and tell them about everything.
  • "We will talk to tomorrow son, right now you should be with Priya, now go to the room Priya is waiting for you right now." my Mom said with the smile on her face. She was really happy with my marriage what will she do if she knows that I married some other girl whom she doesn't know.
  • "Mom, she is not Priya, she is Ankti whom I married." I can see the shocked on their faces but I know that I have to tell them the truth, I can not hide it from them after all they will know the truth eventually.
  • "What are you talking about Arav, are you out of your mind, you married to Priya right then who is Ankti." My Dad asked.
  • Then I told everything to my parents and they were stunned after listening to the story. " now what we should do that girl how can she cheat on us with her uncle and aunt, they are such a shameless people and that girl is more than ashamed person, how can she just agree for this marriage, they could tell us that Priya is not ready for the marriage and that Ankti I have never listen anything about her I mean she was not present at that house while the function and all and now suddenly she sat in the place of Priya and ready to marry you, I will never accept her as my daughter-in-law, I will not leave them, I am just throwing her out of this house right now, she can not live here" my mom said and was about to go to my room to get Ankti out of this house but I stopped her.
  • "Mom I told her to marry me, she was the one who told me everything before the marriage and I am sure that her aunt forced her to do that, I saw fingerprint on her cheeks when we went to the room to talk, I married her with my own will mom, it's not her fault so she will live here as my wife, I married her mom and I will take her full responsibility, please calm down, I will not leave that people who played with us, they don't know me yet."
  • "But Arav how can you spend your whole life with a stranger," My mom said.
  • "Mom, If you forgot, I also did not know Priya, she was also a stranger for me and you promised me that after the marriage you will not interfere in my life, so please I am requesting you to accept her as you daughter-in-law, she a nice girl mom, Trust me, you will also like her with time passes" I tried to make her understand.
  • "Okay, son if you are happy then we are happy now go and take rest it's already late and tomorrow is your reception, so you need to take rest, it's important because our the business partners and the media will be there and we have to announce your marriage as it was a simple marriage so many people were not there and that's a good thing that no one knows about your wife they only know that you are married to Mathur's daughter they do not know the name of the bride so it was not a big deal to convince them". My Dad said and left for their room.
  • "Your Dad is right Arav, now go and take rest". My mom said and I nodded and left for my room.
  • I was standing at the room door in cofusion what will I talk to her what will I say that why I married to her, I know she was not willing to marry me I could see her crying face. God help me, please...I open the room door went inside the room, she was sitting in the middle of the bed with a veil on her face and I can see that she is aware of my presence. I went towards her side and take a place beside her on the bed and remove her veil and she was looking heavenly beautiful I have to admit that she is looking like an angel which is mine now, she scared with my touch. jeez, why she always scared so much, It's not like I want to do something with her I just wanted to talk to her that's it.
  • "Um....u.....Ankti, Please do not scare I just only wanted to talk to you" She calmed a little after listening to me and I started to talk to her.
  • "I know this marriage was against your will and I can see that you are not happy with this marriage and we also do not know each other but I didn't have any choice at that time rather than marry you. Please understand that my and my family's reputation is more important for me than anything, I can not allow anyone to play with it, that is why I told you to marry me, I know I was a little selfish but I really didn't have any choice I hope you will understand and will thing from my point of view and as we have already married so I promise you that I will take full responsibility of yours and I will fulfill all my duty as your husband, you are my wife and I will give you every right which a wife should have, I want to give this marriage a chance and I hope that you will also give a chance to this marriage." I shared my views with her with a little hesitation, I was not sure how she will react after listening to me. I just hope that she will understand and give a chance to this marriage.
  • "I am sorry for everything that happens at the wedding but I also didn't have any choice. I am really sorry". She said while crying.
  • "Hey don't cry please, why are you crying". I said while wiping her tears from her face, I cupped her face and said "It was not your fault then why are you crying it was your aunt and uncle who plotted all this and cheated on us and also used you without your will." she didn't stop crying and I didn't know what to do to stop her cry, I hugged and start caressing her back and trying to soothe her, she was stilled at first but then relaxed and stopped crying. I thank God that she stopped crying, I can not see her cry, I felt a pain in my heart while watching her crying face. once she was calm down I released her she looked at me with her red eyes, I was lost in her eyes, she was so innocent and beautiful how could anyone harm her.
  • "Thank you" I came out of my thoughts with her voice and was confused that why is she saying thank you to me I didn't do anything I should have said Thank you to her.
  • "Why are you saying thank you to me". I asked her in confusion.
  • "Nothing, I just wanted to say it," she said sadly and I nodded in understanding.
  • "Okay, you sleep here, on the bed, I will take the couch", I said while standing and taking a pillow and blanket for myself.
  • "I- I'll T-take the couch, y-you please sleep here, you will not be comfortable on the couch," she said with a little shutter.
  • "It's okay, you sleep on the bed". I said but she protested so we ended up at a decision that we can both sleep on the bed. It's a king-size bed and 4 people can easily sleep on that so it will not be difficult I thought.
  • "You can change your clothes before sleeping, it will not be comfortable to sleep in these clothes". I told her and she went to change her clothes, after changing the clothes she lie-down on the bed, I was staring at the ceiling and thinking about our future, I accepted her as my wife but will she accept me as her husband, I am ready to give this marriage a chance but will she do the same, there are lots of buts and I didn't have the answers of any of that, I just need to give her some time, hmmm that is the right thing I guess, with that thought I drifted into sleep.