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Chapter 4 Chapter Four

  • Ankti's POV
  • I was at my friend's house when my phone started to ring, I checked the called Id and got shocked to see that my aunt was calling me. My mind was running to think of any worst reason for her call, I hesitantly picked up the call.
  • "Hello," I said in a low voice.
  • "Come home right now and enter through back door, don't get late or the reason will be worst". She said in her dangerous voice like she was waiting to kill me anytime time. I thought for the reason but could not come with any reason for her call and why was she asking me to come home whereas she was the one who told me not to come home until the marriage end.
  • Sana asked me what happened but how could I answer her question whereas I was also not aware of her sudden call. I grabbed my thinks quickly and started to go home.
  • I reached home in 15 minutes as I did not want to get bitten by her again. I entered the house through the back door. I was shocked that she was waiting for me at the entrance, she holds my wrist and takes me to Priya's room, I was confused by her behaviors I mean why was she taking me to Priya's room, It was her wedding day and also she was nowhere to be seen. where was she?
  • "Wear the wedding dress, you are getting married today on the place of Priya". I came out of my thoughts by my aunt's words I was not able to believe what was she talking about.
  • "What are you saying, aunt". I asked her.
  • "Are you deaf, can't you hear at one time, I said to wear the wedding dress you are getting married to Arav, Priya runs away from the marriage she didn't want to marry, she wants to be a model so she runs away at her wedding day and I don't have any option to save out reputation so you have to do this or else the consequences will be worst". she said in a one go.
  • "Aunt I can not married, I mean I am just 20 right now and my studies, please don't do this to me, please". I pleaded to her but she was so adamant that she was not listening to my words I cried hard in front of her. She slapped my grab my neck and my voice was chocked I was was not able to breathe.
  • "What did you say from when did you start to object my decisions. If you do as I say, I will talk to them for your study and if you disagree with my decision I won't let you take a step out from this house ever again". She threatened me as she knows that this is my dream and my parent's dream.
  • "Okay". This was the only word that I could say.
  • I wore the wedding dress and she covered my face with the vail so no one can see my face.
  • "Don't you dare say a word during the wedding and don't let anyone know that Priya had run away from the wedding otherwise I will kill you, do you understand". She said and take me to the Mondap where the groom was waiting for the bride. I didn't utter a word because I was not in my current state, I sat there like a statute with my tears.
  • The priest started with the marriage ritual. I was crying on my shattered dream what if aunt will not talk with them about my studies what if they will not allow me to study further what will I do them my dreams my parent's dreams will be shattered in the end.
  • "What happen Arav? why did you stop suddenly? I came out of my thought with the voice, may his mother's voice.
  • "Mom I want to talk to her in private," I hear him talking with his mom and I got panicked what is he want to talk to me in private Aunt will not spare me this time if he dined for this marriage, what should I do now.
  • Someone took me to a room and I was shivering like hell. I didn't know what to do now.
  • "So tell me why are you crying? are you not happy with the marriage? if you were not happy with the marriage then why did you agree with that? Why didn't you deny and now when we are almost married you are crying like this marriage is happing with your permission". He asked me in a cold voice and didn't know what to say, after some time I decided to tell him the truth I didn't what to destroy his life he should know whom he was going to marry. I grabbed some strength to tell him the truth.
  • ", I.....amm....not Priya". my voice was shuttering but I have to do this.
  • "Then who are you and where the hell is she"? he yelled at me and I took a step back. I slowly removed my veil and I was shocked by seeing his face and he was also with the same expression, he was the same guy whom I met at the event.
  • "I am Ankti, Priya is my cousin, she eloped from the marriage and my aunty made me sit at her place". I told. him the truth
  • "I am really sorry, I really didn't want to do that but they forced me." I cried harder and keen down on the floor.
  • "Will you marry me Ankti" I hear his voice and I was stunned by his question. why he wants to marry me, he was going to marry Priya some time ago.
  • "See both are family are outside and my reputation is more important than anything, I don't want anyone to say that me bride had run from the marriage so you don't have any option except to marry me." I didn't say anything after that.
  • "So I am taking your silence as yes now come on we need to go outside everyone is waiting for us and covered your face again, I don't want to anyone to see you right now, I will tackle with it latter". I did as he said and we went outside. I thought this is my destiny know I could not do anything now everything ends My future, my dreams, my parent's dream to see me as a successful person.
  • "Is everything alright son". His mother asked once we came outside the room.
  • "I will tell you later Mom, we need to go back right now and continue the marriage as everyone is waiting for us," He said and start going to the Mondop, The marriage went well and now we are married. I didn't say anything after that and accept it as my destiny.