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Chapter 3 Chapter Three

  • Chapter 3
  • Ding...
  • Ding...
  • Ding...
  • I heard the noise of my alarm and I tried searching for the phone to stop it. I was really sleepy, I was working late night and ....wait .....I didn't set any alarm then who set this for early in the morning.
  • Hmmm I know who could do this to me. I should have known this, No one can do this except my Mom, she is the only one who had access to my phone.
  • GOD why me, can't she let me sleep for some time, I stopped the alarm and again tried to sleep but whom I am talking about my MOM she can do anything you know, I just closed my eyes to sleep for few minutes I heard a loud voice of my mom.
  • "Arav, wake up, it's your wedding today." I heard my Mom's voice from outside.
  • Oh god, I totally forget that today is the wedding day, I am really not interested in this wedding but I have to do it for my mother. So I got up from the bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up. After getting ready in my office clothes I went downstairs for breakfast.
  • I told my Mom that I have an important lunch meeting with my clients and they are also coming to the wedding so I need to personally go there to pick them. they are really important guests and also clients so I have to do it.
  • "Arav are you kidding me, seriously, how can you go for work on your wedding day, you need to stay at home, you are not going outside, it's not good to go outside before the wedding." she almost yelled at me but convinced her as always.
  • ***********************************************************************************************************
  • After the meeting with the clients and settled them in the same hotel where the wedding was going to be held so that they won't have to travel, I came back home to get ready. After getting ready in my sherwani I checked myself in the full-length mirror and I was really impressed with my look. I came to downstair, my mom did some rituals and then I set in the car, Barat leads towards the hotel where the wedding will hold.
  • Everyone was very happy especially my Mom and Dad. We reached the hotel in 1 hour, Priya's parents welcome us and did some rituals at the entrance. Once they were done with the rituals they lead me towards the Mondop for the marriage rituals.
  • I was sitting in the Mondop and waiting for the bride. I looked at the entrance and see that Priya was coming with some girls, she was wearing the very pretty lehenga but her face was covered with the veil and by her body language she was looking nervous. It must be because of the wedding but something was odd which I was not able to identify.
  • Those girls made her sit beside me and I could feel that she was shivering.
  • The priest started with the marriage ritual. when I was putting the nuptial chain in her neck I felt a drop of tear on my hand I suddenly stopped. She was crying and I feel like my heart skipped a beat. what happened to her why is she crying, is there any problem, is she not happy with the marriage, I have to find out before the wedding.
  • "What happened Arav? why did you stop suddenly?" My Mom came to me and asked.
  • "Mom I want to talk to her in private," I told them and they were shocked. Everyone started making a noise like I threw a bomb on them.
  • "Are you mad or what, what you want to talk to her in private and at this moment, what is this Arav, you will talk to her after marriage now do the wedding rituals properly" She yelled in a whisper.
  • "Mom please try to understand this is really important," I tell her.
  • I make my Mom understand and she leads me and Priya to a room went outside to give us some space.
  • "So tell me why are you crying? are you not happy with the marriage? if you were not happy with the marriage then why did you agree with that? Why didn't you deny and now when we are almost married you are crying like this marriage is happening without your will". I asked her in a cold voice. I can feel that she was shivering with my voice and with my questions but I want the answer because it's about me and my family's reputation. I can not destroy it just because she was crying. Why did she agree in the first place I was also not interested in this marriage.
  • ", I.....amm....not Priya". I was shocked by her answer. if she is not the girl whom I was to marry then who is she and where the hell was that girl.
  • "Then who are you and where the hell is she"? I yelled at her and she took a step back. she slowly removed her veil with her shaking hands and I was shocked by seeing her face, she was the same girl, the angel whom I met at the event.
  • "I am Ankti, Priya is my cousin, she run away from the marriage and my aunty made me sit at her place".She said in her shaking voice.
  • I was really angry after listening to everything, how can she just elope from the wedding, she could just say no to the marriage if she was not interested. I will not let her do what she wants, she has to face the consequences by playing with my reputation.
  • "I am really sorry, I really didn't want to do that but they forced me." She cried harder and when I went near her I saw fingermark on her cheeks. they hit her and forced her to marry me, there are bruises on her neck. I tried to calm my anger but I couldn't able to make it. Then I made a decision to marry her.
  • "Will you marry me Ankti" I asked her and I can see that she was stunned by my question.
  • "See both are family are outside and my reputation is more important than anything, I don't want anyone to say that my bride had run from the marriage so you don't have any option except to marry me." She didn't say anything after that.
  • "So I am taking your silence as yes now come on we need to go outside everyone is waiting for us and covered your face again, I do not want anyone to see your face right now, I will tackle with it after the wedding". she did as I say and we went outside.
  • "Is everything alright son". My mother asked with concern once we came outside the room. I did not want to make her worry so I didn't say anything to her and my dad.
  • "I will tell you at home Mom, we need to go back right now and continue the marriage as everyone is waiting for us," I said and start going to the Mondop, From the corner on my eyes I saw her aunty's face she was looking nervous and she should be after what she had done with this girls life and with mine as well.
  • The marriage went well and now I am married to Ankti such a unique name. I can see that she was scared by my behavior when we were in the room but what she can expect from me at that time. I was hell angry with that family, how can they do that.