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Chapter 2 Chapter Two

  • Arav's POV
  • "Really Mom? Marriage?" I rolled my eyes when I heard talking about my marriage, again. I was sitting in my father's office and trying to look busy whilst ignoring her but No she insists.
  • Now I am regretting to visit my parents. I decided to visit my parent's house in Mumbai. It's been 2 years since my mom insisting me to getting married but I am only 25 and right now I just want to focus on my work and marriage is a distraction for that, it's not like I don't like girls and not want to get married but at least not now.
  • "Arav" She raised her voice. "Your father is sick and we want grandchildren, you and an heir as you are the last Thakur".
  • I groaned and bent over so my head was on my lap. I hate this conversation, always telling me the same thing that I am the last Thakur and I need to get married soon, I mean why I need to get married at this age I am not that old right.
  • I feed her sat beside me I raised my head to look at her and I can feel that she is very serious this time and there is no way to escape so I decided to go with the flow.
  • "Okay! I am ready to get married but on one condition". I can not just get married so I decided to make a condition.
  • "And what's that condition"? She asked with doubt.
  • "My condition is that you will not interfere in my life after this marriage and I can only give you a month time for this marriage, I hope you understand that I am a busy person and I don't have enough time for this so I can give you only a month for the marriage," I told her about my condition and waited for her answer. I can see the shock expression on her face but she agreed with the condition. I was shocked to know that she already has a portfolio of the girls from the rich and reputed family.
  • "Mom so you already knew that I will agree for this marriage this time". I said and I was very angry.
  • She nodded and gave me her mischievous smile. I also smile at her childish behavior and I love her so much so at last, I agreed with her decision, now let's see who will be my soon to be wife.
  • ************************************************************************************************************
  • Today I was going to a charity event as a guest of honor. I could not reject it because it's my best friend who invited me there. It took us 30 minutes to reach the college entrance. My PA open the car door for me and then I step out of the car, there was lots of staff and student to welcome me. My friend comes to me and gives me a brother hug.
  • "Thanks for coming buddy". he said with the huge smile of his face.
  • "Only for you buddy". I gave him the same smile.
  • "Sir there is an argent call about our Delhi project." My PA rushed towards me when I was just going to enter in the hall. I took the phone from his hand went towards the garden area to talk with my clients. I talked with them and they want an argent meeting so I need to return to Delhi tomorrow. I just about went back to the hall when I saw a girl sitting on the bench and she was crying while looking down on her lap, I thought she was thinking something. I went towards the girl, she realized my presence so she looked up to see me. when I saw her I was amazed by her beauty. she was so beautiful and innocent, I locked my eyes on her God, she was really beautiful, her beautiful long hair flowing with the wind. Her round face, her beautiful eyes, her pink lips. I the urge to kiss her senseless. Her innocent eyes were filled with tears. I came back to my senses. with that thought, ...Tears...I am mean why is she crying....ohhh she looked more beautiful while crying.
  • WHAT...what are you thinking you, idiot, here she is crying and you are thinking about her beauty, GOD.
  • "Are you okay?" I asked her with concern.
  • "" she stuttered while answering my question.
  • "Then why are you crying and sitting alone here while everyone is at the hall right now for the event, are you not interested to participate in this event?" I asked her with curiously, I don't know why but I just want to hear her angelic voice again and again.
  • "I need to go home". she said and went towards the exit, I was just stood there while seeing her going and after some time she disappeared from my eyesight. I was a bit sad I couldn't even ask her name. she was like an angel just came to meet me. That was the first time when I was impressed by a girl. I had lots of girlfriends and everyone thought that I am a womanizer. The girls only want my money and nothing. They can through themself for money so I always treat them as they want. After the charity event and my first encounter with the angel, I came back to Delhi.
  • *******************************************************************************************************
  • It's been days when I heard from my Mom that she already find a girl for me but I only see her photo, I haven't met her in person as I was very busy with me the new project in Delhi, Yeah you are right I live in Delhi. After completing my master's in Business studies from Landon I establish my own company in Delhi. I am the CEO of AT Corporation and I also help my father in his business, I merge my company with my father's company and now Thakur enterprises and AT corporation is India's number one leading company. In the business industry, everyone sees me as a ruthless, heartless billionaire, and a womanizer but only for the outside world. My family and close friends know who I am actually. I only express my true self to my family and close friends. For the outside world, I don't care about there opinions and what they think about me.