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Chapter 12 Chapter Twelve

  • Ankti's POV
  • I continue to stare outside of the car through the window, I was getting so much nervous and I can't even share it with him otherwise what will he feel about me. so it is better to keep quiet.
  • "Are you nervous," his question startled me and I slowly nodded before turning to stare at him.
  • "Do not be nervous, few photos will be taken then we will go inside and be with me and no one will ask you anything, do not worry, I am here with you," He explained assuring me but it did not seem like that as the hearing photo itself, I felt like jumping outside the car.
  • However, I calmed my self and guess what he is right, I just have to be beside him and Sana will also be there right.
  • We reached the venue where the reception party is held, he stepped out the car and forwarded his hand for me, I held his hand with a little hesitation.
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