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Chapter 11 Chapter Eleven

  • Arav's POV
  • I was at my office with the clients, and we were talking about our new project which will give us a lot of profit when my phone started ringing. Still, I ignored it at first but then it started ringing again, so I checked the phone and found that it was from my Mom, I excused my self from the clients and picked up the call, and you will not believe I had to curse my self for not picking her phone at the first place. She was literally shouted at me from the other side of the phone. Can you believe it that I still scare when my mom shouted at me? I will tell you what she said...
  • "Arav Thakur, where the hell is you? Didn't I tell you to come home early as it's your reception party today? Have you checked the time? Get you ass here right now, or I will not spare you this time," she shouted from the other side and disconnected the call; she did not give me any chance to explain.
  • I gulped in fear because I know what she meant by that she will not spare me. Do not get me wrong but you must have heard that she is a woman and she can do anything and trust me it is very true. I signed and got back to the clients and told them that I had to go right now and invited them to the party and they all agreed to come.
  • I was cursing myself again for not checking the time, and I should have remembered that I am a married man now; how can I leave her at the house alone where she does not know anyone? I should have with her this time.
  • Without wasting any time, I walked towards the elevator and headed to the parking lot, where I hop in my car and drive towards the home.
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