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Chapter 10 Chapter Ten

  • I was sitting on my bed feeling bore when I heard a knock at the door. I went to open the door to find that a maid is standing at the door, she informed me that aunty is calling me downstairs for lunch, I quickly check my self in the mirror and went to went there without wasting any time as I was feeling hell hungry, I did not have the breakfast properly. I slowly climb down from the stairs only to see that aunty and uncle already sitting at the dining table and only waiting for me. I slowly went towards them and took the same seat where I was set in the morning.
  • "I am really sorry for keeping to waiting for me, and I was not aware of the timings, that is why." I tried to explain to them why I was late. 
  • "It is okay you do not need to say sorry, we should be the who should say sorry for being rude in the morning, we should understand that you were also forced to marry Arav without your will, we should also think from your point of view, but we also worried about our son, I hope you can understand right," aunty stated and uncle also noded as he also felt the same.
  • "Aunty, please do not say sorry, you are elders, you should only give blessing not say sorry, I can understand your worries for Arav, I know that I was forced into this marriage but trust me, I really want to give this marriage a chance, and I will try my best to be a good wife and a good daughter-in-law, I will not give you any chance of complaints, I hope you will give me a chance, trust me I will not break your trust, I explained them keeping my head down not able to look into there eyes.
  • I did not know where I get this much courage to tell them, but they are really nice, and when aunty said sorry, I could not stop myself from saying that.
  • When I did not get any response from their side, I slowly lift my head up to look at them, and I was shocked to see them smiling. 
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