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Chapter 89 He Should Not Have Kissed Me When He Was Drunk

  • Only until she was in the lift alone, did Cen Yao finally switch on her mobile phone. It was a simple text message, call me when you’re home. These words sent Cen Yao into a blur. They resembled words of concern, shared between couples. But between Shang Tingli and herself, they were both far from dating. One was a married woman, while the other was a man with a fiancée. Neither of them had the freedom to do as such. After a moment of brief consideration, Cen Yao dialed a string of numbers. However, just as she was about to call him, she hung up, switching off her phone. She was afraid that the moment she had switched on her phone, she would not be able to resist dialing the number. She genuinely did not want things to go out of hand. Taking her pajamas, Cen Yao headed towards the bathroom for a shower. The carnal affair at the villa tonight had left her body sticky still, and there were even smears from him on her panties. She was embarrassed and annoyed. After taking a shower and laundering her clothes, it felt as though she could not rid of his scent. Lying in bed, she tossed and turned sleepless all night.
  • In the middle of the night, Jiang Yingying returned. She heard the noise outside but did not rise. This was of course until Jiang Yingying had suddenly barged into her bedroom without turning on the light, curling up and trying to wriggle under her blanket. She was half awake and helpless, “Your big brother has gotten you such a comfortable mattress, yet you come over and squeeze into my bed. Does that make any sense to you?”
  • Jiang Yingying’s mattress was a custom order from Switzerland, which Jiang Xudong had personally made. It was allegedly worth six figures. This was all because Jiang Yingying had once complained about losing sleep. Whenever Cen Yao saw the way Jiang Xudong had indulged Jiang Yingying, she would quietly hate herself for not having a good elder brother.
  • “Stop talking about him!” exclaimed Jiang Yingying angrily.
  • Cen Yao responded perplexedly, “Why? Have you gotten into a fight with your brother?”
  • Jiang Yingying did not reply, merely hugging Cen Yao, appearing to be frustrated. Cen Yao forced herself to perk up. As though coaxing a child, she patted her gently through the blanket, “Alright, stop bickering with your elder brother. Look at how good he is to you. Whenever you’ve got a craving, he'll buy it for you immediately, bringing it over. When you’d said that you were losing sleep, he bought you a mattress. When you told him about the company we were starting, he promptly gave you money, sharing his connections with you. I think that the only thing he hasn't given you is the stars in the sky. Where else can you find such a fantastic older brother?”
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