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Chapter 87 In All His Thirty Years She Was the Only One Who Made Him Lose Control

  • “Don’t do that…” she managed to find a window of opportunity to implore him.
  • Reaching his hand towards her from behind, the man held her butt, boosting her atop him. His blistering organ made her grow entirely heated. His enrapturing face was now this close to her. Under the light, it had all seemed so surreal. The desire emanating from his eyes resembled a wild animal, waiting to charge out of its cage. Cen Yao’s heart was beating fast.
  • “Cen Yao, is everything alright with you?” Bu Ziang waited for Cen Yao downstairs for a long time, before he had decided to head upstairs for a look. Unexpectedly, no response came for within. After knocking for so long, he soon grew worried. The minute his voice resounded, Shang Tingli exerted more strength, grabbing her bottom. Even if Cen Yao wished to acknowledge Bu Ziang, she was incapable of saying a word now. As though he had done so deliberately, Shang Tingli bit her ear before willfully exhaling, “Do you want me to reply to him?”
  • Clutching his shirt with both hands, she shook her head, “Don’t… don’t do anything reckless…”
  • The sweat seeping from her palm dampened the shirt that he wore. He reached his hand out, lifting the hem of her skirt. As if incapable of suffering this torture, he rubbed his body against hers repeatedly. As their breathing became increasingly uneven, a veil of fog rose from the bottom of both their eyes.
  • “Ahh…” Cen Yao wanted to speak, but all that escaped her mouth was a soft moan. To a man, such a sound was only the most potent and stimulating aphrodisiac. A groan rose from Shang Tingli’s chest, as he lifted her bottom with both hands, hoisting her up. Placing her on the couch, he leaned against it with one hand. With one leg on the ground, his other leg knelt between her legs, in an effort to separate her knees, spreading her legs apart. To begin with, Cen Yao was only half-dressed in the evening gown, so amidst their titillating exertions, her clothing got even more disheveled. Appearing as though trapped in longing, her half-closed eyes got shrouded in mist, making her so charming that not even the most strong-willed man could resist. Before meeting her, he admitted to taking barely any interest in women. At least, in all his thirty years, he had yet to meet a woman who could make him this restless, filling him with such youth-like vigor. Also, it was a restrained restlessness. Without a doubt, he yearned for her surrender, wishing to possess her tremendously. But as he could not resist, worrying about her feelings, he patiently restrained himself for her sake.
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