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Chapter 86 His Kiss Was Too Intense

  • The person waited briefly, until suddenly with a, ‘Pah’, the bright lights in the room lit up. As Cen Yao had already got herself accustomed to the darkness, the sudden light had hurt her eyes. Instinctively, she narrowed her eyes until she got used to the lights, running her eyes over, towards the corner. The lone silhouette who sitting on the couch had shocked her. She had thought that it was some pervert, but to her surprise, it was not. Rather, it was the person who had inadvertently called her, Shang Tingli. Cen Yao gazed at him. He gazed back at her in return. Both their eyes were filled with deep and complicated emotions.A lighted cigarette remained in his hand, while gray smoke billowed in the air.
  • Finally, he broke the silence, “Aren’t you cold?”
  • Cen Yao swiftly came to her senses, realizing that she was half-naked, when she had gotten dumbfounded, by his appearance. It was slightly awkward. Grabbing the evening dress, she made do, covering herself. After scouring around, she noticed that there were no inner rooms in this room at all. This was terrible!
  • She could only say awkwardly, “Turn around.”
  • Sitting straight on the couch, he stared at her briefly before getting up to open the balcony door, striding outside. The light from outside the window landed on his slender and statuesque form. Watching from afar, Cen Yao stumped into a moment’s daze before promptly slipping the evening dress on. But an embarrassing incident ensued yet again. With a cutout back and straps, the evening dress could not get done up single-handedly at all. Although Cen Yao reached her hand behind to make a few attempts, she sadly had no success. Yet, there was no way that she could walk out, half-dressed and naked from behind.
  • “Need help?” rang the man's low and seductive voice again.
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