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Chapter 81 She is My Fiancée

  • He exhaled over her face; his breath held a natural, refreshing scent. Despite not having consumed a drop of wine, Cen Yao appeared intoxicated. Momentarily distracted, Cen Yao seemed to fallen out of her stupor. Nonetheless, it appeared that Shang Tingli had already made his departure. Alone, Cen Yao nursed the throbbing in her heart. It had refused to extinguish itself, even after a long while. As the dinner party ended, everyone rose to leave the private room. Lu Dongxing, along with the rest, proceeded to see Shang Tingli out, personally opening his car’s backseat door. Shang Tingli nodded gently, with one hand on the door and the other in his pants pocket. Turning around while glancing at the crowd, he uttered, “Ms. Cen.”
  • Upon hearing him call for her, Cen Yao perplexedly walked over to him, aware of the watchful gazes that she was receiving. Soon, Shang Tingli queried, “Did you drive?”
  • “No,” she replied truthfully.
  • “Get in. I’ll give you a lift home.”
  • In all honestly, Cen Yao did not want to alight his car, but with all eyes on her, Cen Yao felt that it was untimely, if she were to decline his offer. Ultimately, she nodded, bidding farewell to Lu Dongxing whilst boarding the car. It was extremely quiet inside. With Shang Tingli sitting beside her, Cen Yao could keenly hear the sounds of his breaths. Seemingly spacious before, the car had now seemed to become so claustrophobic, causing Cen Yao to have trouble breathing. Unaware of what to say, Cen Yao gazed towards the window. Shang Tingli remained silent too, as he sat leaning against his car seat, resting with his eyes shut. Throughout the entire journey, none of them spoke a word, making the atmosphere feel strangely awkward. Cen Yao had honestly wished that Yu Fei, who was driving the car, could play some music or turn on the radio so that she would not feel as nervous.
  • “Has he stopped being angry with you?” Shang Tingli finally asked.
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