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Chapter 75 I Like Mature Women

  • “Personal matters?” Yuan Jingzhi laughed softly as he stood up empathetically.
  • Walking past Cen Xuan, he could not resist shooting her a second glance. He seemed to have been commending her for being so formidable, even managing to win over the boss’ affection. Cen Xuan began to blush from all the attention being put on her. Laying her eyes on the before her, her heart soon palpitated with an indescribable sense of bliss.
  • “Mr. Shang,” she greeted him softly. After taking a quick peek at her boss, she soon averted her eyes. Not daring to look at him any further, she lowered her eyes.
  • “Sit,” instructed Shang Tingli indifferently.
  • Sitting directly across him with only a table to separate them, Cen Xuan felt her heart racing. As he sat with both hands folded on the desk, her glimpse fell squarely on his fingers. His hands were so beautiful and slender, undoubtedly unrivalled.
  • “Do you know Shang Yu well?”
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