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Chapter 73 Fate Had Its Baffling Ways

  • “Are you up yet?” a clear voice suddenly resounded.
  • Cen Yao quickly gathered her thoughts. Soon, she caught sight of Shang Tingli, already dressed, sitting on the couch. He was seemingly occupied, flipping through some documents as he spoke to her. The sunlight that had flooded through the window reflected on his body, causing him to appear exceptionally mesmerizing.
  • Cen Yao was slightly puzzled, “Why are you here?”
  • Upon finishing her question, some R-rated images abruptly flashed through her mind. Suddenly she had an epiphany, causing her face to instantly flush red. As though he had heard her ludicrous question, Shang Tingli gazed up at her. His intense gaze caused Cen Yao’s heart to throb. After guiltily averting her face, she pulled the blanket over, in an attempt to cover it. Unfortunately, this had only caused the scenes from last night to appear clearer, leaping out of her mind repeatedly. She remembered wanting to surrender to a man, hoping to lay beneath his body… This man was none other than Shang Tingli.cThe more Cen Yao thought about it, the thirstier she became. Her mind was in such chaos, that she had even failed to notice the footsteps approaching her steadily. She had only arrived at her senses when a large hand reached over to pull the blanket away from her head, revealing her face yet again. Cen You grew so alarmed that she had to collect her thoughts once more.
  • “Have you forgotten again?” Shang Tingli sat by the bedside, gazing down at her.
  • With one hand grabbing her blanket, he prevented her from covering her head again while he leaned his other hand against her pillow. Cen Yao laid upon the bed, watching him. She gazed at his handsome face, before her eyes landed upon his lips. In her memory, not only had they kissed again last night, but rather, they had shared a very fiery kiss. It was one that so intense, that she had wished that she could swallow him whole. At the thought of this, she felt terribly ashamed.
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