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Chapter 71 Cen Yao You Are Playing With Fire

  • This voice… Regardless of how fuzzy Cen Yao’s consciousness had gotten, she had recognized this voice it immediately. “…Save me…” Her lips parted and closed as she muttered two, almost unintelligible words. These cries for help had resembled a soft and seductive moan.
  • On the other end of the line, Shang Tingli trembled hard, “Cen Yao?”
  • It was as if he had found it unbelievable. At first, he had thought that he had dialed the wrong number, but upon taking a second glance at his mobile phone, it was indeed Shang Yu’s telephone number.
  • “Help me…” Cen Yao could only manage these two words.
  • Be it Shang Yu or Bu Ziang, neither of them wanted her falling into the hands of the other, in this state.
  • “Take the handphone and stay as far away as you can from Shang Yu,” insturcted Shang Tingli from his end.
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