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Chapter 65 Looking for Her in the Middle of the Night

  • All Cen Yao felt was a pair of hands protecting her relentlessly. Then came a sharp wave of giddiness, as she lost all consciousness. When she came to wake, she had already gotten hospitalized.
  • “She’s awake! She’s awake!’ Cen Xuan’s voice rang in her ear, “Yao, how are you?”
  • Sitting up in bed, after another wave of nausea swept through Cen Yao, she started remembering the events that had just transpired. Bu Ziang. She recalled him holding her firmly to protect her.
  • “The doctor has said that your situation isn’t too serious. It’s only a minor concussion. They just need to observe you for a while,” Lu Lili poured her a glass of water, “Have some water. It'll calm your nerves.”
  • Cen Yao took a small sip of water and asked, “What about Bu Ziang? How’s he doing?”
  • “He was not as lucky as you and is still in the emergency room. I’d heard that when the accident happened, he was the one who’d protected you, and that’s the reason you’re still okay. Otherwise, the person lying in the emergency room now would be you. Since he was willing to protect you with his life, it’d be too much if you still keep trying to divorce him,” griped Lu Lili.
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