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Chapter 64 Protect Her With His Life

  • Upon hearing this, Cen Yao surmised that the divorce was starting to make headway, although it was sooner than she had anticipated. She had foreseen a two day wait.
  • “Okay. I’m coming right now,” Cen Yao hung up and drove over to the Bu residence.
  • Along the way, she drove into the sunset. The sunset glow had covered the ocean, coating the blue sea surface with a coat of orange. Taking in this magnificent sight while envisioning her soon-to-be freedom, Cen Yao’s heart got slightly uplifted. When she arrived at the Bu’s, Ren Mingxuan was sitting on the couch waiting. On her right was a bespectacled young man in a smart suit who was undoubtedly their lawyer. Cen Yao set her purse down and sat across Ren Mingxuan. Ren Mingxuan cast her a glance before pushing the divorce papers towards her, “If you’ve got no questions, hurry up and sign! The sight of you irks me.”
  • Inside, Cen Yao thought that it would make the both of them.She kept flipping until she got to the last page of the divorce papers, where the last two signature lines had remained empty, as she raised her eyes to glance at Ren Mingxuan, “Didn’t he sign?”
  • “What’s the rush? He’ll be here to sign it!”
  • Ren Mingxuan dialed a number on her phone and waited for a few moments for an answer. When the call finally got through, she switched out of the detestable attitude that she had used on Cen Yao and urged gently, “Ziang, come home quickly! Mom has been waiting for a long time! Hurry up! Ten minutes? Good.”
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