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Chapter 58 Find the Child a Mother

  • Shang Tingli raised his head and greeted her, “Morning.”
  • As facing him was far too awkward for Cen Yao, she swiftly averted her eyes and greeted him back softly. After picking a seat slightly further away from him, she tried striking up a random conversation, “Where’s Youyi? Why is there no sign of him?”
  • “Mr. Fu brought him to visit Dr. Chen,” he replied.
  • “After being cooped up in the house for so long, it would do him good to have a break.” Cen Yao nodded and asked, “How’s his condition today? Is he any better?”
  • As Shang Tingli read the papers, he replied unhurriedly, “I think he's almost fully well.”
  • Cen Yao felt a whole lot more relieved that she would not have to come back here again in this case. She lowered her head to eat her breakfast. Initially, she had wanted to explain what had happened the previous night. Nonetheless, after raising her head to make a few false starts, she discovered that he had neither the intention to speak nor discuss last night’s incident with her, so she swallowed all her words back down. There was no point in causing embarrassment for herself.
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