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Chapter 54 Have You Fallen for Her

  • “Mhm. What about later?” Shang Tingli acknowledged, seeming indifferent about her explanation.
  • “I’ll be going off in a while,” Cen Yao replied yet again.
  • Shang Tingli gazed profoundly at her, with emotions flowing from his eyes. His emotions were so complicated that Cen Yao could not comprehend them. She could only ignore them by preparing some milk for the child. Shang Tingli leaned against the island in the kitchen as he gazed at her. Suddenly, he reached out for a piece of cake and took a bite.
  • When Cen Yao saw this, she reminded him, “That cake has just fallen onto the ground.”
  • After Shang Tingli put down the cake, Cen Yao handed him a fresh piece, “Do you still want to try it?”
  • He mutedly took it.
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