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Chapter 47 Mr Shang Is Just the Man You Need

  • “Ms. Cen, so it’s you!”
  • “Long time no see,” Cen Yao smiled uneasily.
  • She cast her eyes behind to see the man seated in the backseat of the car. It had been some time since they had last met, but nothing seemed to have changed about him. Hidden in the darkness, he appeared sophisticated, dignified, bearing an overpowering aura. As this thought crossed her mind, the man opened the car door and alighted. When his eyes landed on Cen Yao, no emotion was visible. Then, he glanced at Jiang Yingying.
  • “Mr. Shang,” greeted Jiang Yingying.
  • Observing Shang Tingli at such close distance, she realized that he was better looking than the last time she had seen him. On that note, he was a perfect match with Yaoyao!
  • Shang Tingli nodded temperately, “Your brother just gave me a phone call.”
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