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Chapter 44 Was This Dating

  • Yu Fei was so astonished by Mr. Shang’s smile that it had rendered him speechless. Was Mr. Shang not simply flirting with Ms. Cen? Initially, he assumed that it was a one-night stand. After all, given that Mr. Shang was a grown man, it would be surprising if he had no such needs. Nonetheless, this one-night stand was now obviously progressing into a multi-night affair. It was apparent that his boss was taking the initiative no less. So, it had turned out that Mr. Shang liked women like Ms. Cen. Even after Shang Tingli had left for a long time, Cen Yao’s heart continued to drum wildly and was incapable of finding peace for a while. Undoubtedly, Shang Tingli was a demon. She self-righteously thought that she had held a lot of restraint, yet she had almost succumbed to him last night. After a long while, Cen Yao’s emotions began to calm down. She did her utmost best to focus on baking Little Master Shang Youyi a cake in the kitchen. As the little guy was ecstatic and seemed to find it novel, he reached his head in occasionally. The kitchen was lurking with far too much danger for the little guy. Cen Yao shivered in fear the moment he came in, out of concern that he would get scalded or cut from touching the kitchen knives. Hence, she got someone to escort him out quickly the moment he had entered. After a few attempts, the little guy finally became obedient. He squatted outside the kitchen, doing his homework while waiting for Cen Yao.
  • Cen Yao was beating some eggs when Mrs. Mo offered her some assistance. Cen Yao refused her politely, as she explained, “Why don’t I do it? Since I’d promised to bake for him, I’ve got to do it with my own hands. Otherwise, it won’t be sincere.”
  • Mrs. Mo was moved, “Ms. Cen, you’re so kind to Little Master. He was right to adore you this much.”
  • Cen Yao smiled, “There are far too many people who are good to him. How can I possibly compare them?”
  • Many women courted Shang Tingli, and every single one of them would treat Shang Youyi well.
  • Was it not odd that she thought about the man again, though? Cen Yao shook her head and cast the man to the back of her mind. Mrs. Mo chuckled, “It’s true that many people are kind to Little Master. According to Little Master, every day at school, many pretty aunts shower him with candies or toys, while some even personally prepare and send soup to the school daily.”
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