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Chapter 41 A Torrid Affair With a Married Woman to Spice Things up for Him

  • Waves of pleasure flooded through Cen Yao unconsciously. Unable to withstand the temptation, her body soon flew into a state of confusion as she flushed a bright pink. In a futile effort, Cen Yao attempted to clutch her clothes tightly, wanting to pull her knees together. Unfortunately, Shang Tingli’s body was towering between her legs. She became increasingly anxious as she fumbled out, “Shang Tingli, stop it. I have a hubby!”. It seemed that reminders like these were rather effective on him. His searing hand on her chest halted. Raising his deep eyes, he glanced at her. Slightly relieved, Cen Yao muttered uneasily, “Take… take your hands away.” Unexpectedly, Shang Tingli was uncharacteristically obedient, releasing his hands. Using his shoulders as support, Cen Yao attempted to slide off the couch. To her misfortune, her breast that he had just fondled swiftly fell into his mouth. As she was using his shoulders as support, she accidentally sent herself to his lips.
  • This situation could have been avoided. It was now killing her!
  • As a moist sensation assaulted her, Cen Yao moaned while steadying herself on his shoulders. Her fingertips almost clawed through his pajamas, directly into his flesh. Ahhh… Since she had never gotten so wildly immersed in carnal passion in a sober state like she was now, not only did she lose control of her body, but it became rather unfamiliar to her. It was as though something was yanking her along, making her succumb and almost obliterate all her rationality. Though she feebly pushed his shoulders hoping to refuse him, when her lips parted, the only sound that escaped her mouth was a moan, which was so immensely embarrassing that she had wanted to bury herself.
  • It was so hot… So unbearable…
  • Although she did not want him to do it to her, she curiously craved for more… Fearful of this loss of control and terrified that the disgraceful moan might spill from her lips, she could only bite down upon her lips, to withhold herself. She bit down on them so hard that they had soon turned pale.
  • “Old Man, are you drinking milk?”
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