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Chapter 39 He Returned

  • She shivered violently. Was it a thief?
  • Being a renowned upper-class distriact, the mid-levels always had high security. This was especially apparent in the villa zone, where police patrols and security guards were dispatched, to patrol regularly. There had not been any issues in the recent years with security. Nonetheless, having no problems did not necessarily mean that nothing would happen tonight. Standing petrified, Cen Yao’s breathing began to hitch. In the darkness, she could faintly discern the sound of footsteps approaching from afar, gradually nearing her. Legs trembling, Cen Yao gripped a hand tightly around her clothes, while she felt around with her other hand. With much difficulty, she finally grabbed a porcelain vase off the rack that was behind her. Feeling emboldened with the bowl in the firm grip of her hands, she shouted, “Who’s there?”
  • The figure was drawing closer to her. Upon hearing her voice, it halted. Then, with the press of a switch, the crystal chandelier illuminated the entire living room. Cen Yao, who had gotten accustomed to the darkness, was so blinded by the lights, that she was incapable of even opening her eyes. It took her some time, before she could open them, in slits. When she caught sight of the man standing nearby, she was astounded.
  • “What are you doing here?”
  • Standing before her was no thief at all. Rather, it was the master of this house, Shang Tingli, instead.
  • Was he not on a business trip and away from home?
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