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Chapter 38 No Idea How to Explain It

  • In all honesty, Cen Yao had never dreamt of returning to the Jing Gardens, after previously having left in such a manner. Despite the sound of the waves and sea breeze billowing around her, Cen Yao still felt puzzled, standing in the Jing Gardens. She returned because she had a soft spot for the child, unable to leave him in a lurch. Fortunately, Shang Tingli was not present. If they had ever crossed paths here once again, Cen Yao had no idea of how she would explain her presence. In that case, she would truly be deemed guilty of the crime of provocation, which he had accused her of, earlier, for no reason at all.
  • “Ms. Cen, you can wear these tonight.” As Cen Yao had speculated, Mrs. Mo, who was still working, approached her, with some garments in had.
  • “Thanks,” Cen Yao took the clothing from her.
  • Picking up the clothes, Cen Yao grew stunned. Although it was a sleeping robe, it was unmistakably Shang Tingli’s. The mere thought of wearing his sleeping robe while sleeping in his house was utterly absurd. Catching a glimpse of the dilemma that was rising on Cen Yao’s face, Mrs. Mo laughed and announced, “I wanted to find Ms. Cen some women’s pajamas instead, but girls rarely come over. Although Ms. Tian used to come over occasionally, she never stayed overnight before. In any case, Ms. Tian hasn’t come by in years.”
  • Ms. Tian?
  • Though Cen Yao should have been unconcerned with Shang Tingli’s private matters, she puzzlingly remembered this last name in her heart. It seemed as if this man was not as free of desire, having such strong self-restraint against women as the legend had it.
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