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Chapter 33 An Unbearable Torture

  • Bearing witness to the bold scene unravelling before her, Cen Yao’s mind rang continuously. Her feelings of heartache soon subsided, only to be replaced by feelings of self-consiousness and mortification. Her ears were now a bright red, while her eyes were unfocused. This reality show is too pornographic and disconcerting. This thought was especially apparent since Shang Tingli was standing directly behind her. As she did not have the nerve to continue watching, Cen Yao frantically spun around. Unfortunately for her, her situation merely worsened. She was now face-to-face with Shang Tingli. The moment their eyes met, her heart began to throb so erractically, deeming her unable to gather her thoughts on her next course of action. Soon, she averted her eyes out of her diffidence and guilt. Notwithstanding, she could sense that Shang Tingli was doing no better than her. In such a narrow space, his breaths had become increasingly heated and hitched. Head lowered, Cen Yao could still keenly sense his smouldering gaze that was affixed upon her.
  • “Erm…Mr Shang… Can you not look at me in such a manner?” With her throat feeling parched, her breaths were now uneven, causing her to have a difficulty in finishing her sentences.
  • “Shush!” The moment she finished, Shang Tingli covered her lips with his warm palm. He had managed to send a heatwave, coursing through Cen Yao’s body. Before she had even managed to pry his hand off, she could hear uneven footsteps advance towards their direction. Bu Ziang and You Mengrui were so engrossed in their lovemaking that they were almost incapable of keeping their hands off of each other. Cen Yao stared fixedly at Shang Tingli with her heart in her mouth. What was going on?
  • "After growing so exhilarated from doing this, it's natural that they’d try a new spot," explained softly, drawing close to whisper in her ear.
  • Cen Yao's ears grew a bright scarlet. She wished that she could find a hole to bury herself into. How did he manage to explain such a situation in an indifferent manner? He hadn’t even skipped a beat.
  • She stiffly twitched her lips, "Mr. Shang, you seem to know about this quite well."
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