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Chapter 31 If It Were a Misunderstanding Why the Provocation

  • When Lu Dongxing brought it up, she assumed that You Mengrui was merely bragging. From the looks of it now, You Mengrui had not only known him, but rather, she had seemed more familiar with Shang Tingli than Cen Yao was. It meant that the Rian Medical project that her team had prepped for was about to go up in smoke genuinely.
  • Cen Yao suddenly felt exhausted. She was slightly defeated. More so unwilling to lose. She had a competitive streak in her and refused to lose at You Mengrui’s hand. After telling Peter and his wife that she needed to go, she got up and left, to the bathroom. On the way there, she gave Li Qing a call, “It doesn't look positive because I just saw You Mengrui chatting it up with Shang Tingli.”
  • Li Qing was taken aback, “They honestly know each other too?”
  • “They are closer than that,” Cen Yao briefly contemplated, “Get the team to hold a meeting, so we can improve the proposal a little and fight for it one last time. I’ll reach the office in thirty minutes.”
  • “Okay.”
  • After hanging up, Cen Yao turned on the tap, to wash her hands. When she was reaching for a piece of paper towel, another hand suddenly reached out to grab the same piece that she did. From behind, the tall figure of a man came so near, that she had gotten terrified by the sweltering heat from his body. Cen Yao got so rattled that she was a little breathless. She found herself strange.
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