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Chapter 28 Her Phone Number

  • Looking curiously at You Mengrui as she trailed behind, Cen Yao ignored how difficult Bu Huanyan was being, while she asked the servant, “Is Mom here?”
  • Since she was here to discuss the divorce, it was unnecessary for her to waste her time on people of no significance.
  • “Madam has gone out, but she’d said that she’d be back soon.”
  • “Okay, I’ll wait then,” Cen Yao walked in.
  • As Bu Huanyan always had a willful streak in her since she was young, she was used to people putting her up on a pedestal. How could she take Cen Yao’s complete dismissal of her silently? Taking a stride forward, she blocked her path.
  • “Cen Yao, have you no shame?” she sounded as though she was condemning Cen Yao.
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