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Chapter 27 Shang Tingli’s Rejection

  • When it came to him, Cen Xuan was incapable of remaining calm, “Yao, did you know? He has always noticed me, down to knowing my name and reaching out to encourage me to perform well today. He never treats a normal employee that way. In the Branch Office, there were so many others with me, but he didn't take a single look at them. He looked only at me, knew only my name, and talked only to me. If this isn't deemed special, then I don't know what is?”
  • Cen Yao was dumbstruck by Cen Xuan’s words. If Cen Xuan spoke the truth, it was hard to imagine that Shang Tingli was not up to something. Was it on Cen Xuan’s account that he had suddenly taken her in last night?
  • “Yao, you feel the same way, right?” Noticing her speechlessness, Cen Xuan started getting cocky, even making bold statements,
  • “Just you wait. I'll bring our Mr. Shang home one day! I might even become the Lady Boss of Yuancheng Group one day.”
  • Cen Yao did not respond to her words, as all she felt was a dull headache. Cen Xuan and Shang Tingli? Should she accept it open-heartedly if he became her little brother-in-law? After all, the way that they met was awkward.
  • She suddenly had an epiphany and asked, “Cen Xuan, is Mr. Shang still at your Branch Office?”
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