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Chapter 21 Long Awaited Rain After a Dry Spell

  • Everyone understood what he had meant with one look at his stance, so no one attempted to keep him, only standing up one after another to see him off. Shang Tingli gestured for them to remain seated before bending over to carry Cen Yao, who was fast asleep. Li Qing was about to speak, but ultimately, she watched them as they left feeling astounded in her heart once again. It turned out that Mr. Bu was not the only one having affairs because Director Cen did too. Their marriage, which was as fragile as a piece of paper, was probably on its last legs.
  • Cen Yao slept in a daze. Sensing herself in a protective embrace gave her the peace of mind. Was it Bu Ziang? That’s impossible. He could not even bring himself to touch her out of repulsion. Why would he hold her so intimately in his arms?
  • Thinking about him left a twinge of pain in her heart. She desperately wanted to open her eyes and verify who it was, accompanying her. Except her eyelids had felt too hefty, so it was futile after several attempts. In a blur, she shut her eyes once more, without regaining her consciousness.
  • Inside the car, Shang Tingli held her with one hand, while the other covered her forehead. True to his suspicion, her fever had deteriorated.
  • He instructed Yu Fei, “Step on it.”
  • Yu Fei asked, “Are we going to the hospital or are we sending Mrs. Bu home?”
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