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Chapter 19 Are You Unwell

  • Mr. Lu was particularly enthusiastic, on the other hand. His rotund body became more agile, as he rapidly darted over to the private room next door, waiting earnestly.
  • It was a fate that she could not avoid. Cen Yao put on a bold front and went out.
  • Next door, a waiter stood by the door as Cen Yao walked over. Before she got around to explaining their intentions, he promptly stopped her outside the door, “Sorry. Miss, the owner of the private room, doesn’t want to receive any other guests.”
  • Judging from his meticulous and aloof nature, she might get chased out even if she had made it in.
  • Cen Yao turned around to look at Mr. Lu, “Mr. Lu, this how Mr. Shang is. I’m afraid if we all barge in, it might displease him in the end. It wouldn’t do any good if he ended up having a bad impression.”
  • After listening to her, he pondered carefully and replied shortly, “Let’s just go in, greet him and leave.”
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