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Chapter 182 The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

  • "Not really. Did something happen?" Though Mrs. Li wasn't smart, Shang Tingli's question had been so straightforward that even she could tell something wasn't right.
  • Very quickly, Mrs. Li remembered about the peppers.
  • "Sir, I put some peppers into the dishes for lunch. Did something happen becomes of this?" Mrs. Li asked cautiously with clear hesitation in her eyes.
  • Because she knew the future young madam couldn't really eat peppers, she had chopped them to fine pieces before mixing them into the dish.
  • "Peppers?" Shang Tingli's brows furrowed as soon as he heard that.
  • He remembered telling the old man and others before they came that Cen Yao couldn't handle peppers and asked to not to peppers in any of the food for today.
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