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Chapter 181 An Incident

  • After Cen Yao finished the tea, she kept thinking the tea had tasted a bit strange, as if there was a special kind of sweetness in the tea.
  • But when she saw that Youyi and Tingli didn't have any reactions to the tea, she scolded herself for thinking too much.
  • After half an hour of digesting the food, the three of them walked back into the living room.
  • But the atmosphere was a bit stifling inside.
  • Shang Liyuan, who had originally agreed to the marriage between Cen Yao and his own son, glared coldly at Cen Yao was they walked in. He gave a chilly laugh and turned around to ask his son in a tone that conveyed his displeasure at his own son's weakness, "This is the woman you're set on? Her photo appeared on another man's Weibo before she even got married."
  • Shang Tingli's heart jumped and he fell into a rare fit of anger.
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