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Chapter 179 Going Home

  • Cen Yao's eyes reddened at Madam Shang's words and she kept nodding her head, "Mom, we will. Tingli and I will visit you often. If mom doesn't me being clumsy, you can live with us. I'll cook food for you every day."
  • Cen Yao liked Madam Shang.
  • She liked Madam Shang even before she met the woman.
  • Every time she had spoken to Madam Shang on the phone, the older woman had been gentle and forgiving. It could be said that she was the gentlest person Cen Yao had ever met.
  • Madam Shang hadn't been ill-willed towards her just because she was married.
  • Even when she had started to gradually fall for Shang Tingli, it was because Madam Shang had never really been opposed to her that she had dared to hope.
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